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Aug 05 2010

My extremely bad experience with Air Asia

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Monday morning, I offered to my cousins and my sister to purchase Air Asia tickets to Hong Kong, to attend another cousin’s wedding. I completed my purchase at 1:28pm that day, with status as success by CIMB direct debit. The money was deducted from my CIMB account, and transfered to Air Asia.

In that transaction, I purchased 5 return tickets, with excess baggage and meals on-board.

But when checked the status online, it says “On Hold” pending payment. It was written that the booking will be hold until 3pm+. I thought it could be half-hourly or hourly batch fund transfer, so I waited patiently.

After a nap, I woke up, the booking was gone from my status. Meaning? Canceled! I was furious, coz CIMB account has been debited and transfered to Air Asia, but my booking got canceled.

I called them at the hotline, only automated voice recorder, asking us to write or call their premium line at RM1.95 per minute. WTF, I didn’t make any mistake why must I pay such premium to ask about THEIR mistake? So I wrote to them.

I got this email response:

“Thank you for emailing AirAsia.

Firstly, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

In response to your email, please be informed to contact our call centre and further verify on your booking status, because we have found it as cancelled booking at our end.

Should you required any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our call centre.”

I then filed a complaint in email, attaching my CIMB transaction and demanded a refund, since they canceled my booking. At the same time, I quickly went in and book the tickets again. This time, paid by credit card. Immediately I got my itinerary confirmed. Same price, same booking, same guests, same seats, same meal, etc.

One day later, email replied from them, saying that they will escalate to investigate my case (where they took my money and canceled my booking and that I demand a refund).

Suddenly today, I received a notification in email, that my first booking (the canceled one) confirmed and with attached itinerary. Of course they cannot sell me the same seats already, so guess what? In the itinerary, the same price only consist of AIR TICKET. Nothing else! My seats and meals and excess baggages were gone!

Not only that, now I end up with two sets of tickets. Since they said my first booking was canceled, how can they still force me to take it? I could have changed my mind and go with other airline? I just want my fund back.

I hope there is a channel I can lodge my official complaint on. If this is US, I think I can sue for the anxiety they cause me, the interests they should pay for holding my money, etc.

I am honestly FURIOUS!

After sending email without any responses or acknowledgement, I went to their office in Sentral. Queued 2 hours, and then was asked to write an email to get my refund. I was there, face-to-face, yet was sent home empty handed. 这世上还有没有天理啊??!!

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Apr 17 2010

Back from my holiday!

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I am finally back from holiday! Came back on Tuesday morning, so tired coz unable to sleep on the way back. Those guailou read their books through out the whole journey, had the light on and I forgot to bring the eye cover. Coupled with jet lag, I was so tired the next couple of days, but was back to normal pretty quickly.

The moment I landed, I phoned the kids (they were on their way to the school). Aiyoh… my heart really melted the moment I heard them calling Mama. They kept telling me that they missed me and they loved me. Really melt.

In merely 9 days, I have covered so many places. I walked too much, too greedy – my legs nearly broke. At some point, I couldn’t really walk any further, just dragged myself even limping! But it is worthy…

Let me see… where have I covered…
- Paris: Champs-Élysées, Triumph Arch, Place de la Concorde, Opera Garnier, Hotel Le Ville, The Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Notre Dame, Museum Du Lourve, Cruise on River Seine, Eiffel Tower, Galeries Lafayette, and even those famous cemeteries!
- London: Chinatown, Shopping on the Oxford Street, walked around the river (London Eye, Parliament House – Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, etc), St Paul’s Cathedral, watched 2 musical shows, spent 2 days in museums (British Museum, National History Museum and Victoria & Albert museums, etc
- Outside of London: Stonehenge, Bath, Windsor Castle

I particularly love those museums. If I had traveled to Paris alone, and if I have had more time, I guess I would have spent the WHOLE DAY inside Lourve. I don’t really fancy those stuff related to death (like mummies or burial stuff) but those art works are fabulous. I love the sculptures. My friend said I wold love it more if I go to Italy.

I didn’t really buy lots of stuff there, coz they are relatively more expensive and I am not keen on luxury/ branded stuff. Bought some chocolate and tea as souvenirs. For kids, I bought some books.

This one in particular:

Dinosaur book - outside

It has captured Ian’s attention for the next few days. It has many flips that made the book more interesting:

Dinosaur book - inside

Not cheap, but worth coz it is Ian’s most interested subject – dinosaur. Hahahaha! It is more interactive and fed him with more information on top of what he already knew from his other collections.

I loved the food in Paris more than those in London. This one in particular, that I missed so much! We walked past this shop and saw people eating outside of the store, got attracted by the appearance. It tastes as good as how it looks! The one we ordered came with gizzards. We didn’t know what gizzards were until 2 days later! But it tastes so so so yummy!

Potato salad with gizzard

But hor, the food in London not so good. Friends said Fish and Chips are alright, but all flour only – thick batter coating the fish, and it was tasteless. I gave 3 trials, still no good. Perhaps those hotdogs sold on the streets are better. Tried the Four Season roast duck rice, as recommended by a lot of people – yucky. Fat duck with thick fat skin, soaked in sweet BBQ sauce. I still prefer the herbs roasted ducks in KL.

Outside of London, Bath and Stonehenge both worth a visit. Of course, you must learn the history and the wonders of them, before you would appreciate them, otherwise you would regard them as ruins or stones only.


Roman Bath

The weather was very cold when I was there. Same time last year, my friend went, Spring already came and trees were full of leaves. But this time, all botak. Spring came late. I was freezing. :p

Hmm… was it my luck or what, almost everywhere I went, things were under maintenance. Parts were covered up, or with scaffoldings. Triumph Arch, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Tower of London, House of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, etc!

I have to find some angles to take photos to cover those stuff. With Eiffel Tower, it was tough, so had to go with night view. Hahahaha! The right part that were out of the photo below, were covered by some canvas and nets. So, even evening shoot also can be challenging!

Eiffel Tower

Overall, a very fulfilling trip. I owe my friend a lot in London. I went there alone, stayed at her place. She took a couple of days off, utilizing the Easter Holiday, and brought me to Paris. Then the following weekend, she rented a car, collected it all the way from the airport, brought me to Bath and Stonehenge. She has been there for the 4th time!! I can imagine how jelak she is, but she still took me there. So sweet of her right?

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Apr 07 2010

London Toilets

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You will notice that I have been very quiet for a while, no updates… Hehehe, I am having vacation now. Have lots of photos to share later, but not now, as I haven’t come back yet. :p

DH sent me to KLSentral when I left KL. Kids tagged along as well. In the car, Isabel suddenly asked us:

“Mama, is there any toilet in London or not?”

“Oh, yes, of course!” And we laughed. Then, she said… “Later when we reach London, I want to go shh-shh (pee)”

We panic! First, when she says that, she cannot wait already. Second, she thought we are bringing her to London!!

We had to detour to a mamak stall to let her use the washroom, and had to keep explaining to her that we were not bringing her to London. Well, if managed wrongly, I couldn’t imagine the outcome. :p

Ya, I actually have told them about my trip since few weeks ago. This is a personal holiday, and I am staying with a friend, so not bringing any of the kids along. :)

Will be back soon and will update with more stories!!

P/s: Sorry not able to reply some of your emails related to breastfeeding. Will do that when I return. Cheers!

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Dec 27 2009

Cabbages & Condoms

I just realized that I still haven’t written anything about my Bangkok trip 3 months ago! My God! This is like 3 months outdated post. LOL!

There are so much to talk about that trip. It was so so so enjoyable. I tried so many fun food and restaurants. I went to Ayuthaya the ancient city of Thailand. I shopped till I dropped!

So many to write, but I would like to begin with this restaurant “Cabbages & Condoms”.

cabbages & condoms leaflets

The restaurant was originally founded to raise fund to create awareness of HIV. Its proceed will be used to drive awareness of safe sex, knowing what is famous in Thailand… ;)

The food here is fantastic. Authentic Thai food, very tasty, but very expensive. The mango salad is great. My friend is a vegetarian so I was vegetarian in my trip too!

It is outdoor, very nicely decorated, with lots of lighting and life music (Thai traditional music). A lot of guailou/angmo there.

cabbages & condoms restaurant

The decorations are all made of condoms (I trust they are not used, LOL!). Check out the few decos below. They are all made of condoms:

condom deco 1

condom deco 2


And while waiting to be seated, or when you leave, they don’t give you mint. Instead, you are given a condom per pax!


This is definitely a place that you must visit in Bangkok.

I will write about other stuff separately. Very sleepy now… nearly 1am!

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Sep 08 2009

Last HK Trip – Update

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This is my 3rd trip to Hong Kong. First time was 2 years ago, with my sister. In that trip, our focus was food. I think of the 3 trips, I tasted most delicious and most variety of food in the first trip.

2nd trip was earlier this year, with my family. The main focus was Disneyland, because of the kids. We couldn’t do much sightseeing, but ate some very good and expensive food that my sister and I didn’t manage to eat (too expensive for 2 persons).

And this trip last week, was with DH’s colleagues. We stayed a night in Macau, and visited some casino-hotels. This is something new to me. Although I’ve been to Macau in the 1st trip, our focus were on food, and never stepped into any hotels/casinos. Really an eye-opener for me this time.

The last time we missed this memorial wall in tai-san-pa, so it was worthy to see it this time:

tai san ba

I found this casino-hotel quite interesting. Above the casino, there is this shopping mall. The ceiling is so nice, that I for once thought I was outdoor and the day was still bright (it was about 9pm). When I look at the photo again, I still thought it is an outdoor scene!!

macau hotel

In HK, I got to visit this wax museum, which I didn’t gave the time to cover. Fun to be with DH’s colleagues in the museum though. On the way down, the tour guide (yes, we had one, very silly right?) said we should experience riding this double decker bus without roof – similar to those that you can see in NYC. Okay, one new experience for me!

double decker bus

This trip, because of the tour agency’s arrangement, we didn’t manage to eat much of the local authentic food. All food were very lousy, only meant for tour group.

So, during the free & easy times, I became the ‘tour guide’, bringing DH’s colleagues to eat those food that I still remembered and missed so much. We ate the 九记牛腩, Australian Diaries, 义顺牛奶, 乐园牛丸, etc. Yummy…

Overall, a very enjoyable trip.

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