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Sep 25 2013

Confinement Myths

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This article from Eu Yan Sang lists down 6 confinement myths, which I think all Malaysian mothers should read: Beware of These 6 Confinement Myths

I am one of those ‘victims’ of these myths, during my first confinement. My MIL and CL literally forced advised me to do all these 6 things. It was my first baby, and breastfeeding was still new and challenging to me. Juggling with the needs to follow these ‘rules’ didn’t help at all. My first confinement was truly a nightmare.

What I struggled the most were item 3 and 6 in that article:

3. Myth: Do not shower or wash one’s hair
Contact with water is thought to cause “wind” to enter the body and lead to headaches and rheumatism later in life. This taboo may have originated from northern China of the past. Since water quickly became freezing because of the cold weather, it was easy to catch a chill from bathing.
The truth: It is perfectly fine to continue one’s bathing habits. Besides maintaining personal comfort, regular bathing helps prevent skin and wound infections. However, the mother should not bathe with cold water. She should also dry her body immediately after bathing to prevent exposure to cold air.


6. Myth: Wear warm clothing and do not use fans and air-conditioning
As with bathing, any exposure to cool air is said to cause “wind” to enter the body and lead to health problems later in life.
The truth: The key here is moderation. The new mother should do what makes her comfortable. In a hot and humid climate, fans and air conditioners may even be essential for preventing heat rash. However, the new mother should not let the fan or air-conditioner blow directly on her.

Seriously, these 2 items are no brainers lah. Imagine, in this hot weather in Malaysia, 40 days no shower, no wash hair, no fan, no aircon. And then, no drinking plain water… I think these rules are to cook us alive. If unfortunately it happens during haze period, windows all closed, lagi jialat!!

This is a good article from Eu Yan Sang, and I think most of the old folks would believe, at least believing more than the guailou articles? Maybe?

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Sep 05 2013

Classic Kungfu Series

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Recently talked to Aiyu about those 金庸 TVB kungfu series, because I have downloaded the Condor Heroes and shared with her and Piggy. It was the very classic ones, with main actors being 黄日华 and 翁美玲, the 1983 version.

Seriously, after so many versions came out, we had 1994 TVB 张智霖/朱茵, 2003 大陆 李亚鹏 versions, and still think of this 1983 versions as the most classic ones. It has 60 episodes, split into 3 parts (each 20 episodes): 铁血丹心, 东邪西毒, and 华山论剑. I think the casting for that series was perfect, although I am not fond of 黄日华 in that series at all, to the level of disliking that character. Although I dislike him, but that is the character of 郭靖 that I dislike, and he has interpreted the character perfectly. So does 翁美玲 in her act of 黄蓉. All other versions just can’t compare to this one.

Then we chatted about other books that Mr. 金庸 has written. I remembered the poem written by someone earlier:

These 14 words list all the stories he has written, missing 越女剑, if my memory serves me well (or one other?).

In case you are interested, these 14 stories are (in order of the poem, NOT in order of when he wrote them):


This conversation sparks our interest to find those ‘classic’ series from TVB back to 80s… Hmm… I wonder if this is also another indication of our age??!! :p

So I started the quest of searching for those torrents. It was indeed the toughest thing to do. You know, most Chinese movies/series, when you search, always end up at pornography sites, or promoting games. I have to do this when the kids are asleep, to avoid those questions and curious eyes. :(

Finally, found nearly all the torrents that we had interest in:
天龙八部 (黄日华/ 1997) –> am still looking for the 1982 version
射雕英雄传 (黄日华/ 1982)
鹿鼎记 (梁朝伟/ 1984)
笑傲江湖 (周润发/ 1982)
神雕侠侣 (刘德华/ 1983)
倚天屠龙记 (梁朝伟/ 1986)
碧血剑 (林家栋/ 2000) –> is there another older version?

I am still looking for 书剑恩仇录, I think I’ve watched before, but memory very vague. I remember I dislike that girl who acted as 香香公主, as she was not good in acting. But I could have mixed up with other movies, if this character also appears. Anyone to shed some light?

In the search, I also remembered of these oldies: 千王之王,网中人,上海滩,万水千山总是情,etc… Those ‘good’ series lately, maybe missing those great songs, cannot engage us so well. Those composers and the singers are great, but mostly already passed away ler…

Hmm… makes me feel old again. :p

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Sep 04 2013

How Do You Define OLD?

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Recently, I’ve heard many speakers trying to define ‘old’, as they began their speech, trying to engage the audiences. Depending on the speakers’ age, some used 40 years as cut-off point, and one used his own age –> 70 years old, some used other yardsticks, but mostly numbers.

Some people also like to say, ‘young at heart’, i.e. if you are young at heart, you are young… Hmm…??

I have been pondering this definition of ‘old’ lately, partly also because I am stepping into the 40s range very soon. Moses has three 40s in his life. The first 40, he lived as a prince. The second 40, he lived as a shepherd, a castaway. The third 40, he led his fellow people out of Egypt, wander in the dessert. So, 40 has been used a lot, as the mark of turning point into another life stage.

But I have lately figured out a way to define old. You see, by age, one might not feel old yet. You can be 50 years old, yet have a very young body and mind, very fit in every aspects, with good maintenance. You can be 20 years old, but the body and mind are pretty much used up, look many years older than actual age.

However, as I get more and more mature every day (ahem, refused to use the word ‘old), I realized one thing –> life experience, we can’t deny. I noticed ‘old’ has a lot to do with the people around us… Let me give some examples.

When we were young, well, when we were VERY young – all of our authorities are older than us. They are MUCH older than us. Authorities –> teachers, doctors, dentists, policemen, etc.

As we aged, we slowly see the age of our authorities getting younger and younger, then at one point, they are either only few years older than us, same age, or became younger than us! Oops, no, not that they got younger, but have to admit that –> we are getting older instead. So it is a transition period when we see a mixture.

Then, finally at one point, when all our authorities are younger than us, we are OLD. No way to deny that already.

As of current stage, my pastor is only 1 year older than me. My family doctor is only few years older than me. My favorite dentist (older) is too busy, and often have to settle with other dentists who are… YOUNGER than me.

4 years ago, when I learnt swimming with a group of friends, the instructor is (I guess) few years older than us (or probably same age). But a year later, if I were to learn again, all available instructors in this area, are younger than me!

When my gang and I tried to register a 10km run, oops, I am going into the VETERAN category! (for women 35 and above!) Hmm…

I picked up skating 3 weeks ago, joined the open classes. The instructors are at least 10+ years younger than me. So, people that I am learning a new skill from, are mostly younger now.

So, how not to be old and admit that I am old? I can say that I feel young at heart, or I can put make up and dress up younger, but the fact is, I am going to be 40 soon, and I am at the transition period of getting OLD. Time to adjust my mind to live like a 40 something soon… A mixed feeling leh!

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Aug 26 2013

Wish I had Learnt To Live In ‘Current’ Earlier

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Looking back at the days of my university life, I felt that it was really a waste of my 4 years (3.5 years to be precise). Not that I learnt nothing, or done nothing, but I did not live it to the fullest. It was my attitude problem.

To begin with, my heart was not ready nor prepared to go there. I was sort of escorted to the U, on the day I returned from my island holiday with a group of friends. I nearly missed the orientation day, but managed to reach there on time, with last minute packing. I went with a reluctant heart (although from a hind side, it was the best move my parents have decided for me then).

Because of that reluctance, I resented everything. I refused to blend in to the culture. I stick to only a few friends, especially my course-mates only. Every activities I took part, were with motives – just to score enough merit to be able to stay in the hostel. Ya, I wasn’t even interested to find a place outside, which was seen as exciting experience for most.

In fact, whenever I could, I would just stay inside my room. If not forced to, I won’t go out of my cocoon.

I still remember the morning runs that we had to endure during orientation days, that I would fake ill, nearly all the time. I probably was ill, from the illness of laziness and reluctance to workout. I hated being active.

As a result of that, when I think back of my uni-days, I don’t have much memories. I don’t remember many things. Not names, not faces, not activities.

My attitude at that time was — to get pass that 4 years, so I could leave that place. I didn’t try to blend in or learn to like that place. I was only thinking of the FUTURE, and saw CURRENT as a stepping stone that I did not want any part of.

Now, as I learnt to live my CURRENT, and as I learnt to pick up sports for 3 years, I slowly understand and enjoy my CURRENT better. I wish I had learnt this earlier, and if I have had this kind of attitude, my university life would be much more colorful and more enjoyable, like many of my friends.

I can imagine those morning runs, those fun activities (which I regarded as dreadful last time) would be so interesting with the right attitude.

I can’t live my PAST again, although I imagine them being better with new view now, but I urge everyone who chance upon this post, to change your attitude to live your CURRENT life to the fullest. No matter how reluctant you are to a situation, when God put you in it, just accept and be obedient, live in it and work at it with all your heart. You will find it more enjoyable – you are doing good for yourself and for all people around you. Bitterness is a very dangerous enemy for our lives, remember that. :)

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Mar 04 2013

So stressed

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I am so stressed in the last 2 weeks. Going into this week, at the beginning, today (Monday), I’m already feeling the stress again. So stressed to the extent that I find breathing labored!

I really shouldn’t have accepted this job. Whenever I am doing something not familiar, out of my comfort zone, I get this kind of stress. I cannot accept half hearted delivery from others, so I also cannot accept that I deliver half hearted job. And this study is completely out of my comfort zone. I AM STRESSED!

Lesson 1 learnt – do not take on jobs that I am not familiar with.
Lesson 2 learnt – do not take on jobs that is possible to yield nothing after spending time and $$$.


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