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Sep 19 2013

Fun Time Is So Short

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Recently we have so much fun, mostly skating around. Because we wanted so badly to pass the heel-stop last Saturday, I brought the kids to the class twice, once in the morning and then again in the evening. Doing this is so tiring for me, but the kids were so happy!

We managed to pass both heel-stop and A-frame-turn on the same day, indeed Ian passed both in the morning session and started learning scooter in the evening, while I was still struggling with both. LOL! Kids learn so much faster and better than me! I haven’t even started learning scooter ler. :p

And then on Monday, since it was a holiday, we had another round skating around, although I was dead tired. By end of the day, when I accompanied Isabel to bed, guess what, she said the following (which I thought only the grown up would feel that!):

“Mama, why is it when we are doing things that are fun, time flies so fast. But when we are doing things that we don’t like, time passes so slowly?”

Haha, and she told me the things that she dislikes are some of the subjects. I didn’t know there were subjects she dislikes, and they are: science, computer and art! Hmm… wonder why she dislikes them. She said, “Every time during these periods, I always look at the clock, and it is true the time passes so slowly…” Sounds so dreadful for her. :)

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Aug 21 2013

I should have done this more often

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Ever since Isabel goes to P1, she has no problem coping with homework, unlike Ian. She finishes her works, usually in an hour or so, whilst Ian takes 3-4 hours (from the day he started primary schooling).

But it has been boring for Isabel, coz after she completes her homework, she has nothing to do. I have tried to allow her to go out to play, but I am a lazy person, I don’t like to sweat and I don’t like to go out, so I rarely play with her. So for safety reasons, she is not allowed to go out alone.

Lately, since we started taking skating lessons, I thought maybe today we will go practice skating at the park. This also helps to encourage Ian to do his homework faster. But… The sky didn’t allow us. At 4 something in the afternoon, it started raining. Ian continue to drag on his homework, and we knew our plan is ruined (you can’t skate on wet surface).

At 5:20pm, rain stopped. Seeing the road is still wet, Isabel suggested that we go run at the park. For the first time, I agreed to it. And it is the greatest thing I’ve done for her! She was so excited, and through out the whole session, she kept smiling and laughing. Ian refused to follow despite finishing his homework already and I couldn’t persuade him.

We did all sort of crazy thing, just Isabel and I. Just soon after we arrived at the park, she wanted to pee! I gently told her that we could use the toilet the, and I was a little heartache when she kept apologizing for not using the toilet earlier (I have been strict and upset about that in the past!). We ran and laughed all the way to the toilet, chit chatted and holding hands occasionally.

When we were out, we changed our course, going a different direction. We pretended that we were skating, we did striding, ready roll, braking, etc. I pretended that I lost balance and she came to my rescue… She ran and she panted, and she laughed, and she complaint of pain at her stomach, and we walked and chit chatted, talked all sort of silly things.

Through out, she kept looking at me, and kept saying’I love you, mama!’ to me. Every time she says that, I can’t help but to think she is really grateful for the time we spend together.

When we decided to stop, she asked if she could play at the playground, though she also concerned that it might be still wet. I let her do that, telling him that we are going to wash her clothes already anyway, so go get wet, it is alright! She played and played and not forgetting to keep telling me that she loves me very much!

When we reached home finally, I offered to shower for her. As I was washing her hair, she said it again that she loves me very much. My heart melted and ached at the same time. I should have done this more often with her.

This, is the true Special Moments that I should be giving to the kids, and not the eating or dessert trip. In those trips, they usually occupied with the food, don’t even bothered to talk or to look at me. Maybe once a while is okay, but I truly benefited more from this.

I’m glad that Ian didn’t join us this time. Now I know, my best Special Moment with Isabel is this. It was soooooo sweet. My best time spent with her in recent months.

Oh ya, she is a little more outdoorsy than Ian by nature. I did not expect to be this, given her weaker legs and like-to-sleep nature. But lately she has been begging to go out, running, cycling, playing, etc, whilst Ian begged to stay at home instead.

I will still need to find out what’s the best time spent with Ian, I believe what works for Isabel might not work for him.

Ah… I love today very much. It was so lovely…..

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Jun 19 2013

Last Week’s Teacher Parents Day

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Last Friday was teacher-parents day. This is the first year we have to attend for both the children.

As Ian’s class has fewer parents waiting, we went to his class first. Before the day, Ian told me happily that he has moved up the rank, got the 18th place (last year was 21st). But when we received the report card, he got 48th place. Haha! This boy wrongly listened and missed out the 4 in front. I feel sorry for him, coz he made himself so happy earlier. To me, I’m fine with it, coz we know what’s the issue – his Chinese paper 1 (essay and writing). And most importantly, we are quite pleased that the teacher has changed her attitude towards Ian. She praised Ian for improvement in his behavior.

Of course, we also thanked the teacher for rearranging the seating arrangement in class. Now, Ian is seated just directly in front of the teacher’s table, and she also assigned a buddy for him. This time, no complaint on his behavior and his messiness. She said this year he managed to keep his drawer clean. Whew!

As for Isabel, she is almost like Ian 3 years ago. Very strong academic performance, but teacher praised her for very good learning attitude. She is keen to study and pays attention. But her issue is pride (like Ian 3 years ago). We need to counsel her well, and guide her well, so she won’t fall into the same mistake.

Overall, this is a much bearable teacher-parents day for me. No more sweat facing the teachers. Haha!

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Jun 12 2013

Isabel Scalded Her Left Hand

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Exactly 2 Weeks ago, Isabel tried to fill up her drinking bottle with water. As usual, she wanted warm water (i.e. cold + hot water) in the bottle. And as usual, this little girl wants to act like a grown up, she wanted to it herself. Not a bad thing after all, but she tried to do it the wrong way, filling water from the little spout that is smaller than 5 cents coin. Even a grown up also finds it challenging and would not do it. So, she was stopped by my helper.

At that point when she was stopped, she was angry as usual lah, rolled her eyes and grumpy.

Then… when my helper when to shower, she sneakily went into the kitchen and did the thing that we didn’t allow her to do… That’s when I suddenly heard her screaming. When I rushed into the kitchen, her left hand was red, from the middle of her forearm down to the fingers.

Immediately I pulled her to the sink and put the hand under running cold tap water. After 10 min, she still complaint of pain, the moment the hand is removed from the water. We literally did the running water thingy for 40 min for she refused to get out of it. Apparently 10-15 min is sufficient, according to the doctor later.

I’m glad I did that first aid thingy, coz Dr Lee said that’s what we should do and nothing else he could offer for Isabel, except to give some cream to prevent infection.

This is her swollen fat fingers on the first night:

From The Suzette

After few days, big blister forms at the area that the cold water didn’t wash enough, coz she refused to open up her fingers (disobedient?)

From The Suzette

And after 1 week, the peeling of damaged skin makes the hand looks quite scary:

From The Suzette

I hope this teaches her a good lesson, that she would be more obedient in the future, and would not do this kind of things without adult’s supervision. I remember at the point she was scalded, Ian also reprimanded her by saying, “Look, this is the natural consequences of not listening to mama, next time you have to be more careful and more obedient, okay?” ^_^

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Dec 20 2012

A Different Ian

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This morning, after my run, I brought the kids to the park. Since it was so early, they almost own the park by themselves! LOL! They had a good 1hour+ in the park. After they occupied the park for a while, there was this little girl came. I guess she is only 4 years old.

After a while, I noticed this girl kept calling Ian by his name, and hide behind him when she noticed the two dogs. She giggled with Ian, whilst Ian was very friendly with her and being protective to her.

Later, Ian explained to me that he just made friend with the girl at the park! I had thought they might have known each other in the school or the pre-school two years ago (a little too far stretched, but I had no idea!). So, apparently he had not known her before!

What a new and different Ian to me! He used to be very shy (or snobbish? hmm…), and would walk away from any other kids. But he just accepted the friendship and acted as a protector! Wow! It reminds me of what the tuition teacher has said about him, that he likes to be a leader (which Isabel won’t let him be). So he was pretty happy to be able to ‘protect’ the girl, and led the girl to all the parts of the park. Hahaha!

As for Isabel, she told me she didn’t want to be friend with the girl, because Isabel wants to play alone. THIS is the old Ian’s style, but I didn’t see it in him today.

Either the girl has a special charm on him, or he has changed? Hahahaha! I like this change, nevertheless. :)

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