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May 27 2013

Finally I Made It!!

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I had so far experienced SEVEN failed attempts of chiffon cakes. Of which, 3 using one particular cheese flavor recipe, another 4 attempts using the same pandan chiffon recipe. After all the 7 failures, I decided to give it a break.

I switched to this Green Tea Chiffon Cake, and… tadaaaaa….! One attempt and successful!!

From The Suzette

It is very spongy, springy, fluffy, moist, cottony… In another word: DELICIOUS!

Yay! I am finally a happy woman. It meets all the requirement as successful chiffon. No dents at the sides, no sunken structure, not too sweet, bla bla bla. I am happy singing the whole day! ^_^

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May 21 2013

Chiffon Cakes Attempts

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I am in the mission to bake chiffon cakes these days. I have this recipe, looks very yummy, using cream cheese as base. Before embarking on this, I also read up a lot about the do’s and don’ts in baking chiffon cakes. So I though I’m all ready to bake, and with full confidence, I bought a 25cm cake tin, gave it the start last week.

Alas! Turned out, it is not as easy as I had thought!

First attempt, it rised so well, and I was soooo happy, until it cooled upside down for 3 hours… then I realized it was a complete disaster.

From The Suzette

Second attempt, I adjusted the oven temperature. Someone mentioned that he uses fan force for the first 10 min, then switch off the fan for the rest of the baking time, so to guarantee high heat in the beginning. So I followed. It turned out rised toooo high in a short time, the top part over baked. To be more accurate, the entire outside ‘crust’ over baked and fell off from the inside (like a thick buffalo skin peeled off).

From The Suzette

And the inside was actually quite okay, with the right texture.

From The Suzette

So, I thought, maybe I should just go back to the way of my 1st attempt, and just bake a little longer. So I did it with my 3rd attempt. Same way, extended 10 min from 45 min baking time to 55 min. Looks 100% perfect inside the oven, rised beautifully, smells wonderfully. But when removed from the oven, I dare not see… the sides shrunk, so I knew the cake is collapsing. When removed, look at the groove. Like a volcano hole…

From The Suzette

When sliced, it is like my 1st attempt, only slightly fluffier… It was like semi pancake. Wahhaha!

From The Suzette

So, I gave up. Friend suggested that I should try other recipe now. So, I switched to my ‘final target’ (yes, I was thinking once successful this will be the ultimate one that I will make) –> Pandan Chiffon Cake. This one need a lot more eggs and need coconut milk and pandan leaves. In short, more costly. But I gave it a try.

This is my 4th attempt…
WAAAHHHH!! I nearly cried. Again, it collapsed so much after removal and cooled upside down. The center became so dense, and because it uses more flour than the previous recipe, it was hard to the touch. Even Isabel also could feel the difference and questioned me. For this one, we had to throw away part, as we couldn’t finish in 2+ days. At least the cream cheese chiffon cake was soft enough and delicious even I failed, and we could finish in less than 2 days each.

Look how ugly the cake was:

From The Suzette

From the ‘top’ you won’t see how the bottom has collapsed, but when sliced you can see, how dense the center was:

From The Suzette

It was a complete failure again.

So, I did my 5th attempt yesterday. I remembered in my 4th attempt, I had thought the meringue was well beaten, but when I was pouring into the yolk batter, it was not stiff enough, a little runny. So I thought that is something I could do better this time. I really beat the egg until really stiff peak (was also very worried to overbeat it). Then folded in, everything seem perfect.

It rose very beautifully in the oven, nice aroma, beautiful color, etc… My hope was high. Then I removed the cake from the oven, turned upside down to cool… Out of sudden, the cake fell off the pan, dropped onto the table top, the tin flew all directions…!

Well, despite the falling off issue, the cake turned out to be the perfect one! Nice color, no dents at the sides, didn’t collapse much (except those that were torn when it fell off), and the structure holds through the next day, very moist inside and fluffy. It is finally successful in everything… had it not fell off the tin.

From The Suzette

So, what could have caused it to fall off then? I looked back at all my steps, and then realized that… I had miscalculated the time! I wanted to bake for 55 min, and I did 50 min only! I read somewhere on troubleshooting – the 1 possible reason why it falls off, is because under baked. An additional 5-10 min would have solved the problem.

No wonder, the sides all look not enough caramelized. (see pic below)

From The Suzette

Then I wanted to do my 6th attempt, now I know that I almost got everything correct now. I bought all the ingredients, and just before begun, I realized the cake tin SPOILT! All because of the fall, it knocked itself out of shape. It cannot contain any liquid in it. Everything poured in, comes out immediately. Sob! I have to invest in another pan again. Okay, enough said, I’m going to the shop now. Update again later!!

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Oct 05 2012

My replacement Suunto M5 and new printer

Well, I have been quite unfortunate lately that most of my purchase gone kaput or with problems this year.

First, in Jan, my Suunto M5 showed some problems with its virtual trainer (software issue), after trying to fix it myself by reseting it with various methods, didn’t work. Early Mar, sent to the dealer for repair. It took them 5 weeks to do the testing and finally returned to me. But it happened again and sent back in June. Took them 4 months to finally get back to me TODAY! This morning, I was so happy to receive a call from them, and quickly went in the afternoon to collect my watch. I had thought after sending it all the way to Finland (ya, they said they returned it to Finland wor), they would probably just restore the firmware, but no! Look at what I got!!

From The Suzette

It is a brand new box. I don’t understand why the guy said he needed to test it for a few days, when I called to enquire last week. If it is a new one, where is the testing? It really is mint in box. And… the best surprise for me is… well, when it is mint-in-box, it also means the Chest Belt is also included. :D :D This is my bonus. Wahahahaha!!!! It really made up my day! :D Also, they are giving me same warranty – 1 year from today! Yay! Well, think of it, half of the past 1 year my watch was with the dealer, I have only used it 6-7 months! So, I guess it is fair hor?

Okay, the second item I’ve had issue was my Epson printer that I bought mid last year. Just 1 month after warranty expired, the printer also expired! @_@ I just couldn’t switch it on. After leaving it with the service center for 2 months, they told me they can’t get the company to fix foc, I have to pay. And the damage is in the main board, so the cost is RM200-300. So, I’ve decided to get a new one. With that price, getting a new one with new technology I can save more on cartridge!

I got this Canon E500, which the company claims can print 800 pages with each cartridge, that costs RM39 each. I was contemplating to get HP, with cartridge RM27 each but it prints 400 pages, half of Canon. Furthermore, Canon E500 is having promotion. Look at what I’ve got:

From The Suzette

For the same price, I also received an 8GB PenDrive, and a dust cover for the printer. I can now dump my old cloth that looks so yucky. I don’t use my printer often, so most of the time is covered. But when needed, without a printer is extremely troublesome! I’ve gone through a hell lot of trouble last week, so this one is really essential. ^_^

Ah, this printer comes with 1+2 years warranty when registered online. I just can’t expect the same experience like Epson. Now I only want printers that come with 3 years warranty. HP is also giving the same, so can consider that if good promotion is given. ;)

And lastly, well, just to make up of my whole misery – my iPad was lost in Mar, and subsequently the second one had a damage in mic. Though it was replaced by Apple, it is a refurbished unit, somehow there is a thorn lah. Oh ya, my Nokia E71, an old phone, is also going to ‘expire’ soon. My bad. I’ve been dropping it on the floor. Glad it is Nokia, which is tahan lasak as usual. Hahaha!

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Aug 14 2012

Two Is Better Than One

I’m always very thankful to God for giving me two children instead of one only. Although Ian, being the first born, occasionally wished that he did not have a sister so he could have everything by himself, every time he ended up had to admit it is always good to have a sister to share and play with him.

This is especially thru when it comes to the game he loves the most – Monopoly, which I dislike. So Isabel is the only one that would play with him (and be ‘cheated’ by him, haha).

Check out this TV ad from Anmum Essential, which is what I mentioned in a previous post here. Every time I watch this ad, I think of my two little ones.

This ad has clearly described what I wrote previously on the two essential elements in growing up milk: DHA and Gangliosides. Most people are already aware of the importance of having DHA in children’s diet, but have never heard of Gangliosides. These two elements work hand-in-hand together in early children brain development.

DHA helps in brain cell development, whilst Gangliosides helps connect these brain cells. The system doesn’t work as well without either one. When these two elements combined in growing up milk, I can’t imagine how our next generations would be like – having “super brain”? ;)

I believe Anmum Essential is the only brand of growing up milk that is fortified with both DHA and Gangliosides. If you come across any other brands that have both, do let me know!

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Jul 20 2012

Gangliosides and DHA – Work like Nuts and Bolts

Recently I came across some TVCs and ads on Gangliosides and DHA. Some time ago I wrote about Gangliosides, and these ads has brought back memories and inspired me to write more about this.

Many growing up milk brands have been focusing on DHA, until we are all very familiar to the term and it has became the standard in milk.

Anyway, back to this topic! Yes, DHA is actually a very important component for brain development in children. It is particularly important in the first 5 years of life and early childhood.

Taken from LifesDHA website, it says “Between birth and five years of age, the human brain increases approximately 3.5 times in mass. During this time it is important that children consume adequate amounts of DHA in their diet to support this period of rapid brain and eye growth and development.”

So, DHA is essentially what is required, for our body to support brain development. It is a key building block of brain cells.

And recently in the last few years, Anmum Essential has made another breakthrough –> Gangliosides. It is the only milk brand with Gangliosides.

So, what’s Gangliosides role in this? It is actually another special type of lipid (i.e. fat), that plays important roles in brain cell connections.

From The Suzette

In layman term, Gangliosides actually functioning like bridges that connect brain cells, so that signals (messages) can be passed from one cell to another.

So, we need both DHA and Gangliosides (as well as lots of other nutrients), so that they have good brain development and function (i.e. have lots of good and healthy brain cells) and that these brain cells are very well networked/connected. When more brain cells are connected, the faster they learn!

This actually works like nuts and bolts. Two works better than one! I always imagine the DHA, which helps in brain cell development, are like the nuts. Whilst the Gangliosides are like the bolts, which helps in connecting the nuts, tightly fastening them. Both nuts and bolts are very useful, but only when they are used together. Any one part is missing the other becomes useless!

From The Suzette

So far, only Anmum Essential has both DHA and Gangliosides uniquely combined in their growing up milk. It is also said that the new formulation has more DHA and more Gangliosides now. There is no other brands that offer these two crucial components in their growing up milk. If you see one, do let me know.

From The Suzette

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