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Jan 13 2010

Eumora Usage Update

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My cousin, Dorothy, just came and bought 2 boxes from me. She has been a loyal supporter to Eumora. She told me that it did miracles to her and her family.

For a start, her acne were gone. She used to have serious acne problem on her face and her lower back. After using it, they were gone!

Now she told me that her dad’s bald head, has new hair grown! And her fiance’s eczema is healed. He has been having skin peeling around his abdomen for a long time, and could never heal. Eumora has healed him.

MIL also claimed good results. My aunt’s laugh line was gone and people thought she used Botox.

But hor… while it worked on certain people, it did not work on some.

Take me as example, I don’t see any miracles on me. My open pores stay as it was, since the ‘first level of effect’. No more further improvement. The same goes with my friend Piggy. As for my best friend, SM, she claimed that her skin got worse. Jazzmint also said nothing amazing for her.

I think, after all, it is probably like other products, there are bound to have people that do not have any effect, although it works on some.

Anyhow, I feel so good to hear my uncle’s hair growth, and how it healed my cousin and her fiance skin problem. At least not a bad recommendation!! I feel bad to have introduced products that do not do well on my friend/family, you see… :p

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Aug 29 2009

Another miracles on Eumora treating pregnancy eczema

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My sister is pregnant now, going into her 23 week. 2 weeks ago, she called me in panic, saying that her breasts were reddish, with burning sensation, but also very itchy. One of her nipples had peeling for a week, then hardened became like dead skin. She was so scared, thought she had a rare form of breast cancer. Her appointment with her doctor was 2 days away, so she applied Eumora on her breasts including nipples.

Surprisingly, after 3 usages, her breasts no longer reddish nor itchy. The hardened part on nipple became softened.

When she consulted her doctor after that, the doctor, through her description, said it must be pregnancy eczema. She received a shot and got some oral medication plus cream to apply.

But she has decided to stop every medication, to use only Eumora, because she is not so happy to use so much drug on her pregnant body.

I’m so glad that Eumora helped her!! :)

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Aug 18 2009

Eumora In the UK & Europe

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Hmm… looks like my friend is now expanding his Eumora business into his home ground. Quite an impressive website he has setup for this business.

You can hop over there for more in-depth information on Eumora, on those info that I was not able to provide earlier. That site also touched a little about counterfeit or imitate products that are selling really cheap.

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Aug 12 2009

Eumora treats Isabel’s eczema

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Lately, Isabel’s elbow has always been reddish. She has been complaining of itch and pain around her elbow. Upon examination, it is confirmed eczema. I thought she has been freed from this, but apparently not.

So, we have been using lotion to moisture her elbow, as per recommended by the doctor. It works, but takes a long time. It keeps coming back.

One night, Isabel complaint about her elbow being painful again. I took a photo (she is bending her hand upwards to show her elbow, in case you wonder where the angle is):


She has been scratching on it and caused it to bleed.

I’ve decided to try Eumora on her elbow. Just applied it once, at night. The next morning, this is what happened:


No wonder they said it can treat Eczema!!

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Aug 05 2009

My poor facial lady

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Remember I wrote about my facial lady being betrayed by her own sister? I tried to make appointment for facial last week, also to let her see Eumora’s effect on my skin.

For a few days no response, then came an sms (in Chinese): “Sorry, I have closed down my shop…”

I was so shocked and gave her a call immediately. She said she really cannot continue the business, being the only person running the whole show and clientèle stolen by her sister for a year. The shop owner wanted to increase rental some more. So, she decided to just close it down, since she has paid off all the debts already.

I asked her what would she do for her living then. She doesn’t know. What a poor lady…!

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