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Jan 03 2009

My Best New Year Countdown

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First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! Hope everyone have a good holiday and celebration. :)

After having my own kids, this was my first new year countdown. We went to the Desa Parkcity’s new year countdown celebration. We guessed most of the participants are non-residents in DPC, coz there aren’t any parking lots around 10pm. People parked on the roadside, and it was so crowded! I don’t believe all of them are residents there.

The best thing about the carnival here is that, everything is free. I think Digi sponsored this, coz every booth and freebies given, are printed with Digi logo.

We didn’t know what was happening in each booth, but we just queued up and joined the crowed. LOL! We played almost every games, but too lazy to squeeze to the front area for whatever clown or magic shows. Ian and Isabel each won something from the games. DH’s cousins squeezed to the front area and queued for the free popcorns. Not sure if it is due to late night and a lil hungry, it was so so so tasty! LOL!

These help a lot to wait till the countdown. My children were so tired but they insisted to wait till th firework.

And the wait was so so so worthy! I have never been so closed to any fireworks before. This one is so long, so colourful, and so CLOSED! It feels like the explosion is coming to us. Up to one point, Ian got scared and hide behind me. LOL!

In the past, we lived in an apartment facing KL center, and we could see so many fireworks until we lost the appreciation of them. But the feeling is different – it was from afar, and this one was so closed. I am glad that we brought our children there and that I didn’t miss this one. Hahahaha!

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Jan 04 2008

Why Desa Parkcity (DPC) is so expensive?

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I’ve been wondering why DPC has to be so expensive. Their Direcotr, Marketing & Sales, has explained in the latest issue of their newsletter, the USP of the property.

Of those things they explained, one thing caught my attention most is the security.

All residential neighborhoods are guarded and gated, whether or not they are strata or individual titled. Further to that, they have single point of entry, which eliminates by-passers and easier monitoring and setting up of security check-points (especially the individual title neighborhoods).

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Dec 14 2007

The Northshore Gardens, Desa Parkcity

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I have recently received a pamphlet from Desa Parkcity, for its latest (and perhaps final) residential project. Named as “The Northshore Gardens“, it is referred as the “Preferred Investment Grade LUXURY CONDOS“.

The developer tried to gauge people’s response to this project by attaching its pamphlet and a brief survey form for us –> kind of testing the water to see its potential!

They claimed that it is their first project in the Central Park, deliberately created to attract expatriate tenants. Hmm… it sounds like the project does not target at people who wish to own a house, but mainly investors who aims to collect rental from expats.

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Dec 11 2007

Latest Owners Profile of Desa Parkcity

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According to the information in the IDAMAN Web (last updated on 14 Aug 07), below is the profile of the people who bought their houses in Desa Parkcity.

NADIA CONDO (condominium inside their signature project NADIA)
Chinese: 92%
Bumi: 5%
Indian: 2%
Others: 1%

Chinese: 81%
Bumi: 14%
Indian: 1%
Others: 3%

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Dec 07 2007

My colleage bought Amelia, Desa Parkcity

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I read from Desa Parkcity’s homepage a couple of months ago before it went on ‘construction’ again, that some people queued up or stayed overnight at the developers office, for the official launch of Amelia, Desa Parkcity.

In the forum, many thought it was a scam, news created by the developer trying to make Amelia project sounds like having high demand, ‘selling out like a hot cake’, etc., so that potential buyers would not wait and immediately buy or pay a deposit.

At first I thought of that as well. Coz the price of the houses in Amelia are sky high, no ordinary people like us could afford!

But then, after I had lunch with a couple of colleagues recently, I knew it is true, not a made up news.

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