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Jun 10 2010

Wrong method to transport FROZEN EBM?

I have to make a clarification in this post, to many mothers who read some of the articles here, but did not read ALL of them, and failed to bring back their precious frozen EBM.

Recently, I have received a few emails, from different mothers, sharing their failed experience of transporting their frozen expressed breast milk.

Coincidentally, they were all coming back from the same place – the East Malaysia, either Kuching or KK.

All of them, used cooler BAG to bring back their FROZEN ebm.

Now, I have to remind you that, I have never advocated such method. All the frozen ebm that I have ever transported, were stored in cooler BOX (as per the photo below).

cooler box, AI and ice packs

In addition to that, I have never ever transported frozen ebm in small cooler box. All the frozen ebm were carried in the LARGE cooler box. Only then, it is insulated well enough, and with proper wrapping and surrounded (all sides) by ice packs or frozen CO2 (dry ice), they could then sustain my 33 hours long journey from Chicago – Newark – Taipei – KL.

With cooler BAGS, I have only ever transported CHILLED ebm. That is because the insulation layer in cooler bags are too thin and not good enough to keep the milk frozen. Even with the chilled ebm, I had to surround the ebm with ice packs to keep them chilled.

For short distance from East Malaysia, use of cooler bag is good enough, but please just chill the ebm, and not freeze them.

I’m sorry if I have given wrong impression to mothers who sought advice here, and failed to bring back the precious milk. I feel sad too that the milk were down to drain!

I wish you success next time.

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May 23 2009

Successful Breastfeeding Workshop

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This morning’s breastfeeding workshop ended with great responses. I think Vivian has her clientele that supports all her workshops fully!

Vivian’s breastfeeding cafe is very cozy, and could accommodate about 15-16 of adults, including Vivian and myself. This number is just nice for me to handle. LOL! With this number, we all get to interact very well and got warmed up quite easily.

I brought along my 2 cooler boxes (1 large 1 small), 1 cooler bag, and a luggage bag. I demonstrated how I travel ‘light’ with very few personal items, how I stuffed my cooler bag into my luggage, how I pack the chilled/frozen milk, etc.

There were so many good questions that helped me, along this very unstructured ‘presentation’. I didn’t really prepare myself before going, but I did prepare a framework according to Vivian’s structure. But nothing beats the natural flow of the question and answer/demonstration.

BTW, I still haven’t got my MS Office installed, so couldn’t prepare PowerPoint. I’m glad we didn’t use one, coz it would be too business like. LOL!

Mothers who come to visit after attending the workshop, you might want to check out this link for all the archive of my traveling experience with breastfeeding.

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May 16 2009

Breastfeeding Talk – Traveling, Pumping, Storing and Transporting

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Ahem! I have agreed with Vivian Foo (Fabulousmom)to share my experience in traveling with breast milk, in her Kinrara showroom’s workshops. She conducts workshops regularly for mom or moms-to-be, on breastfeeding or parenting subjects. Feel so fluttered to have been invited! LOL!

I have been sharing over here in this blog, about how I transported my precious expressed breast milk from overseas. Even so, there are still a lot of questions coming in, for more detail. It is actually quite hard to explain via emails alone.

In this workshop, I will bring along some cooler boxes, ice packs, luggage bag, etc, to demonstrate how I arrange my frozen/chilled ebm, and how to transport them home.

If you are interested, or have friends in need of this info, please join us and help spread the words. Pre-registration is required. Do check out at Vivian’s website for registration and detail. Vivian charges a small fee of RM5.

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Jul 07 2008

How to bring home EBM from traveling

As I was trying to re-write this post, I got lazy. Yes, I wrote “RE-WRITE” because I realized I’ve written this before for MMB.

Well, bringing home EBM is not a new stuff. I learnt it from a supermom, SiawFui in MMB, and improved it as I have more experience, and with the change of airline rules etc. When I came back from New Zealand, I received lots of enquiries on how to do that. As SF was my guru in this, I consulted her. She suggested that we write an article and place in the FAQ area.

cooler box, AI and ice packs

Though 4 years have come and gone, the tips in the article is still useful and valid. So, I think instead of re-writing it, I’ll just provide links to that article, which is now split into 4 parts after Lilian revampt the pages:

In the articles, we have provided tips like:
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Jul 04 2008

Breastfeeding and traveling

5 years ago, when Ian was still inside my tummy, I worried about how I could breastfeed him for long. My job requires me to travel extensively. On those days when travel budget was still good, I used to travel 2 or 3 times a month.

Depending on where I go, some trips would be just 1 night, but some last for a week. Traveling to US would be 8 days due to time spent on route.

There were 2 issues that worried me. First, how to stock up enough for Ian when I am away? Second, how to store and bring back my EBMs from overseas?

I tried to solve 1 thing at a time. Since second issue won’t happen for the first 2 months (would be in maternity leave), so I tried to look for answer for storage first.

How to Stock Up Enough Before Your Trip?
My very first advice from my colleague, was to store my EBM using containers bought from Tesco/Carrefour as below:


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