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Feb 28 2008

Cheaper option of electric breast pump

When I was helping a friend looking for breast pump options, I remembered reading from MMB forum, a member numom mentioned that she purchased Ameda directly from UK, which is a lot cheaper compared to Medela.

I contacted her and on top of that made some further research before sharing with this friend. My friend ended up bought it and used for nearly 3 months now. It seems to be a great option, for mommies looking for an affordable dual pump.


Ameda uses the ‘Hygienikit Milk Collection System’, which is FDA certified becoz the milk doesn’t back-flow into the tubes. It is electrical dual-pump, which can save pumping session by half. Continue Reading »

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Jan 27 2008

The most effective way to clean your pump

If you are a breastfeeding mom who use a breast pump, do you notice white deposits left on the inside surface of the pump and bottles?

This white deposit is very difficult to get rid of. It is actually the fat component of our breast milk, which sticks so hard on the surface and forms a white layers when dry. No brush or cloth can wipe it off, unless you scrape it. But once scraped too much, it forms scratches!

Strange that not everyone has this problem, but I know I’m not alone in this. At least SF, my BFG buddy, also faced the same. Through her, I learnt how to clean my pump most effectively.

The only answer I found is in Medela Quick Clean Wipes.

Medela Quick Clean

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Aug 29 2007

Avent Isis – Link With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I now start to believe the locked wrist that I suffered for 14 months a couple of years ago was linked to the usage of Avent Isis.

I refused to believe in that, when I was still a heavy user, while I was still breastfeeding Ian.

It started to develop when Ian was nearly 2 months old. I suffered so much, couldn’t even lift up an empty plate, lost the chance of bonding with my son, as I couldn’t carry him since he was a baby.

I’ve seen many doctors and finally decided to leave it. After I stopped BFG, it somewhat healed by itself. But I still didn’t associate AI with it, though MIL always suggests that.

I only started to believe in it, in the recent trips. After giving birth to Isabel, as my sister bought me the electronic pump Medela PIS, I’ve been using that even for overseas trips. Only for the last 3 (Redang, Beijing, BKK) I decided not to bring the pump and not to transport milk home, so I brought my old AI.

On the last day of Redang, I started to feel my right wrist’s pain. But I had a solid 1 week break before I used AI again in BJ. Between BJ and BKK, I had less than a week at home ground. BJ – felt the pain already, and in BKK – terrible pain.

It can’t be linked to carrying babies wrongly, as commented by one of the doctors previously. I don’t have my baby with me!

It can’t be linked to washing clothes, as I have a maid now and I don’t do laundry! (Ya, one lady doc concluded that before – can’t believe it!)

After all, maybe the uncertified doctor – my MIL, is right about the usage of AI. Whilst it gives good yields, need to use in caution.

I’ve decided for the rest of the trips this year, I will stick to my PIS, though it is a pain paying for the batteries (12 x AA sized). I can’t use the adaptors due to different voltage as it doesn’t covert. :(

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Mar 22 2007

Over Slept!

Meeting starts at 9am today, 30 min later than yesterday.  I planned to wake up at 7am, 30 min refresh and change, 30-45 min express, then have breakfast in meeting room 45 min before it starts.

At 3am (4pm KL time), I woke up by a phone call (forgot to switch to silent mode).  Probably got too tired after that… I slept so soundly and didn’t even wake up to the toilet like usual.  And of course I skipped the night expression.

Suddenly I heard a lot of noices outside, woke up - 8:35 am already!  I only managed to empty 1 side of McB, and slightly on the other side, then got to rush into my meeting.  So engorged that I worried I might get blocked ducks.  Luckily not.

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Feb 22 2007

Medela PIS for Traveling?

After my sister bought me the Medela PumpInStyle, I have been using it everyday until my business trips started.

In my trip to Manila, I didn’t bring it.  I only brought Avent.  When I was there, I missed the PIS so much that I’ve decided to bring it to Bangkok the week after Manila.  It was a short 2D1N trip.

This trip with PIS proved disasterous.  Arrived at the airport, I wanted to pump in the lounge.  Then remembered I forgot to buy batteries (for usage without electric outlets).  It uses 10 AA batteries, and I spent RM35 just on the batteries in the airport.

Just when I first used it in Bangkok office, after I plugged in the adaptor, before switching on, I heard a loud explosion and smelled something burnt.  Okay, now the adaptor is gone!  Through out the whole trip I had to use the batteries.

Not only that, when I was back to KL, I checked with all shops, the adaptor cannot be repaired.  To buy one, it costs c. RM130!!!

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