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Jun 18 2013

Are You Looking for the ‘Alphabets’ in Infant Formula?

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Another good reason why human babies should drink mommies’ milk. In the effort trying to imitate human breast milk, the infant formula has added so much of synthetic substances. You want all the alphabets? Okay, no problem. They can give u all – DHA, ARA, AHA whatsoever. But are these alphabets goos for our babies? God bless all our babies…

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Apr 13 2011

Safety Alert On Baby Food

After we just discussed the sugar content in growing up milk, today, my sister brought my attention to the latest news/alert on store-bought baby food.

It is reported that there has been increasing level of toxic contents in infant/baby food, particularly arsenic (砒). Hey, arsenic, a little bit also can kill a grown up, and it is now getting into our babies’ food!

It is said that the level of these toxic/heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium etc is still within “safe” levels, but the increasing amount has called for revision/revisit of the safety guideline of these food.

These heavy metals are not actually added to the food, but mostly contaminated from soil etc, into the raw ingredients like rice, corn, etc.

The safest food for infants up to 6 months is still mothers breast milk alone. It is said that if you give store-bought food to babies, you expose them to 50 times more arsenic than breast milk. Likewise for cadmium, store-bought food can have up to 150 times cadmium than breast milk.

So, mothers, or mothers to be, I know it is hard to breastfeed especially the beginning, but the benefits to you and to your babies are much worthy. Think of the risks that you put yourselves into, if you do not breastfeed your children. Remember the milk issues few years ago from China? That time, people came to me and thank me for encouraging them to breastfeed, because they didn’t have any worry at all for their children, unlike those fed with formula.

For more information on the arsenic/cadmium/lead contamination in babies/infants food, here are some related links. Note: these recalled/examined items are of well-known brands!

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Jul 20 2009

Whoao! Jailed for drunken breastfeeding?

This woman, 26 years old from North Dakota, faces 5 years in jail for drunken breastfeeding. Well, to be fair, not just drunken breastfeeding, but for child neglect.

The police officers went there, she was holding her 6 months old baby on the leg, upside down, while answering the door. Then she started shaking the baby in front of the police officers. The police asked her to stop doing that, and she then decided to breastfeed the baby in front of the policemen!

This woman is only 26 years old, that is only 8 years being ‘adult’. According to this video below (from Opposing Views), she has broke the law 27 times in that 8 years, including theft, forgery, contempt of court, and now child abuse.

Of course, the debate here in the site is that, whether it is right to prison her for drunken breastfeeding. If you have any opinion, you can comment over there (or here also can lah!).

For me, I think they have made a sensational topic out of this. The title focuses too much on breastfeeding. I think the police officers did not arrest her for drunken breastfeeding, but breastfeeding probably has provoked them further. It is the child abuse/neglect that they charged her on, I think.

Well, if they really jail people for drunken breastfeeding, I think most of us Chinese ladies, who undergone traditional Chinese confinement, would need to be jailed too. LOL! I still remember my first confinement. It was under a CL, and she gave me a bowl of herbal soup, topped with some liquor. I was drunk, and so did Ian. I really cannot drink, and had rashes. From then on, I told her to cook and let the alcohol evaporate before serving.

So, I think I would need to be jailed for that. And all the CLs in this country will need to be jailed too, coz they helped the ‘criminal’. LOL! And all Chinese mothers would need to be jailed too…

Seriously, 5 years is probably too long…

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Oct 22 2008

Will Formula Feeding Harm Your Baby?

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There is this very interesting site – Opposite Views, which I got to learn just 2 weeks ago. What caught my attention is the debate on this: “Will Formula Feeding Harm Your Baby?

milk in bottle

A very interesting subject, and they have arranged for 2 experts to debate it. Le Leche League International (the LLL) represents the ‘Yes’ side, with many supporting facts on Breastfeeding (moo-moos pls note, it is worth reading!!). Le Leche League is founded in 1956 by 7 breastfeeding mothers (hmm… imagine back in 1956, they must be very brave and bold enough to do this!). It is currently a non-profit organization, with best known authority on breastfeeding. Many of the things that I learnt are sourced from them.

The opposing expert, Joan Wolf, Ph.D., is on the faculty of the Women’s Studies Program at Texas A&M University. She is the author, most recently, of “Is Breast Really Best? Risk and Total Motherhood in the National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign,” Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 2007.

With the recent China’s milk crisis, where fatal melamine contamination poisoned half a million babies and killled many, I guess the debate is kind of concluded by now. It is indisputable that formula feeding can harm your baby, if not kill!

Maybe Dr. Joan Wolf was right, that Breast is probably not really the best, but it is definitely still better than cow’s milk! Until they can find other better substitude, mothers should breastfeed than formula feed. :)

BTW, it is really interesting to read the argument points in the debate. Why not hop over to have a look?

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Oct 16 2008

Breastfeeding Support Session

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Please pass on this news to nursing moms, expecting moms, or daddies.

There will be a breastfeeding support meeting in Fabulousmom’s Breastfeeding Cafe.

Venue: Breastfeeding Cafe
Date: 18 Oct 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 10:30am to 11:30am
Moderator: Vivian (see info below)
Fees: NONE

Registration is required, due to limited space. For registration, please email Vivian directly at vivian (at) fabulousmom (dot) com. In your email to her, please mention whether you are expecting or nursing.

Remember, if you registered and can’t make it, try your best to inform her, so those on waitlist can come.

Vivian is the owner of Fabulousmom Boutique. She is an active member of MMB. She is a breastfeeding counsellor trained by UMMC. She is currently attached to UMMC and Jabatan Kesihatan WPKL as an active counsellor on voluntary basis. She has been breastfeeding for 5 years now. She has the experience from both worlds of express & direct breastfeeding. The address & map to the cafe is available at her site.

I wanted to go, but 10:30am is too early for me. Going all the way to Puchong will take about an hour. Geez, leaving at 9:30am means I have to start preparing at… perhaps 8am or 7:30am? I am not that efficient when it comes to kids. Hahahaha! Serious! For example, about to leave the house, one wants to pangsai (pass motion), then another 15 mins gone! :p

Will think first, maybe, maybe not going. :p

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