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Jun 20 2013

More Facts on Cow’s Milk – Check if You Really Need It

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Apologies this video is in Chinese. If you can understand, it is worth watching, and good to be shared with the elderly in your family.

In contrast to many believes that “if you want to combat or prevent osteoporosis you should drink more milk”, the consumption of too much of milk can cause the reverse effect. Watch the video, somewhere in the middle it touches this. It also covers the allergies commonly found in Chinese, over the cow’s milk protein, and why we do not need milk in our diet.

I still take diary products though, cannot resist the yummy taste of cheese, not for the reason of supplement. :)

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Jun 18 2013

Are You Looking for the ‘Alphabets’ in Infant Formula?

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Another good reason why human babies should drink mommies’ milk. In the effort trying to imitate human breast milk, the infant formula has added so much of synthetic substances. You want all the alphabets? Okay, no problem. They can give u all – DHA, ARA, AHA whatsoever. But are these alphabets goos for our babies? God bless all our babies…

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Apr 13 2011

Safety Alert On Baby Food

After we just discussed the sugar content in growing up milk, today, my sister brought my attention to the latest news/alert on store-bought baby food.

It is reported that there has been increasing level of toxic contents in infant/baby food, particularly arsenic (砒). Hey, arsenic, a little bit also can kill a grown up, and it is now getting into our babies’ food!

It is said that the level of these toxic/heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium etc is still within “safe” levels, but the increasing amount has called for revision/revisit of the safety guideline of these food.

These heavy metals are not actually added to the food, but mostly contaminated from soil etc, into the raw ingredients like rice, corn, etc.

The safest food for infants up to 6 months is still mothers breast milk alone. It is said that if you give store-bought food to babies, you expose them to 50 times more arsenic than breast milk. Likewise for cadmium, store-bought food can have up to 150 times cadmium than breast milk.

So, mothers, or mothers to be, I know it is hard to breastfeed especially the beginning, but the benefits to you and to your babies are much worthy. Think of the risks that you put yourselves into, if you do not breastfeed your children. Remember the milk issues few years ago from China? That time, people came to me and thank me for encouraging them to breastfeed, because they didn’t have any worry at all for their children, unlike those fed with formula.

For more information on the arsenic/cadmium/lead contamination in babies/infants food, here are some related links. Note: these recalled/examined items are of well-known brands!

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Jun 10 2010

Wrong method to transport FROZEN EBM?

I have to make a clarification in this post, to many mothers who read some of the articles here, but did not read ALL of them, and failed to bring back their precious frozen EBM.

Recently, I have received a few emails, from different mothers, sharing their failed experience of transporting their frozen expressed breast milk.

Coincidentally, they were all coming back from the same place – the East Malaysia, either Kuching or KK.

All of them, used cooler BAG to bring back their FROZEN ebm.

Now, I have to remind you that, I have never advocated such method. All the frozen ebm that I have ever transported, were stored in cooler BOX (as per the photo below).

cooler box, AI and ice packs

In addition to that, I have never ever transported frozen ebm in small cooler box. All the frozen ebm were carried in the LARGE cooler box. Only then, it is insulated well enough, and with proper wrapping and surrounded (all sides) by ice packs or frozen CO2 (dry ice), they could then sustain my 33 hours long journey from Chicago – Newark – Taipei – KL.

With cooler BAGS, I have only ever transported CHILLED ebm. That is because the insulation layer in cooler bags are too thin and not good enough to keep the milk frozen. Even with the chilled ebm, I had to surround the ebm with ice packs to keep them chilled.

For short distance from East Malaysia, use of cooler bag is good enough, but please just chill the ebm, and not freeze them.

I’m sorry if I have given wrong impression to mothers who sought advice here, and failed to bring back the precious milk. I feel sad too that the milk were down to drain!

I wish you success next time.

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Jun 02 2010

Is your child too “sanitized”?

Before I go on, can I ask for a poll from all of you first? It is located on the right side bar under Nuffnang skyscraper ad.

The question is simple, have your child fell sick often, when he/she started going to school?

sick teddy bear

Recently Aiyu commented that breastfeeding is very expensive, because her friend (a bfg mom) used very expensive breastmilk storage bags to keep her stock of frozen milk. This is completely opposite of general believe/ knowledge of breastfeeding being a cost saving way. Indeed, what motivated me to start considering bfd was the cost saving part!

You see, there are many ways of keeping your expressed milk. You can use milk bottles, bottle liners (e.g. Playtex), or pre-sterilized milk storage bags specifically designed for breast milk. And for older babies, we even use ice-cream bags – as long as they are food-graded plastic bags, they are all alright to store breast milk.

Picking this photo from MMB, it shows a lot of frozen ebm taken from the fridge in the Paed ICU of a Government Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. As you can see many containers with mothers names labeled –> all frozen milk. These are food grade containers.

frozen breast milk

In the same article, you will find that Suzany (another MMB member) also used ice-cream Malaysia bags to store her breastmilk. I adopted that technique and our children are all well and thriving.

Aiyu told her friend that I used ice-cream Malaysia bags, and she refused – saying that it is not pre-sterilized.

Okay, my argument is that –> aren’t we all encouraged to breastfeed directly? Any of us go under steam/boiling sterilization process of our nipples? NO! Of course! So, are our kids all having food poisoning as a result of that?

Come on lah! If we protect the kids so much that they don’t get exposed to germs at all, when they go to the school, they surely will get sick in the beginning.


I am guilty of protecting Ian too much as well. When he started schooling, he fell sick very often, and PIL wanted me to stop sending him to school, saying that the school is too dirty for him. Well, that is just delaying the process, doesn’t prevent it!

When it was Isabel’s turn, I learnt from mistakes, and she turned out to be perfectly alright. She seldom fell sick and even if she did, without medication she recover on her own, building up her own antibody stronger.

I just hope that people who want to breastfeed, don’t get yourself too bothered with the sterilization process. BFG is such a pleasant experience that can also save you a lot of money too. Don’t let this marketing gimmick stress you too much.

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