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Aug 09 2011

Very Useful Bookworms for My Children

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Aiyu knows that Ian loves reading, and often heard him looking for a bookmark when I asked him to put down his book. She found this interesting art work (sorry I lost the URL) and thought of Ian immediately, and shared with me.

It is indeed a very easy art, useful, not very costly, and beautiful too!

Look, this is the bookworm bookmark in his book:

Bookworm 1

And when reading, he could simply loop this around his wrist like this (posed in this photo is Isabel, holding Ian’s book):

Book Worm 2

This way, bookmark will not easily drop on the floor, and he doesn’t need a place to keep the bookmark. It will not be missing as well. Absolutely fantastic idea for book lovers. The grown-ups will like this too, I believe!!

Very easy to make. I don’t even measure it properly. Just take a ruler, place at the edge of a piece of cardboard paper, draw a line the width of the ruler. Cut the strip out, trim the two ends to the shape of head and tail. Draw few short lines above the head and few short lines below the tail, cut along the short lines. Decorate with eyes and mouth, there you go.

The length of the worm depends on how big the wrists are. My children takes about 8-9 inches. I just agak-agak. Even kids can do this themselves. Join me and make lots of bookworms for your children and let’s encourage them to read more!

I made 8 of these for Ian and Isabel each, 16 in total. Seems a bit overwhelming now. :p

BTW, I bought a few books for Ian 2 weeks ago: Diary of a Wimpy Kid – book 1, Ann Frank’s Diary (kids version), 2 books from Roald Dahl – Charlie and The Great Elevator and George’s Marvelous Medicine, Geronimo Stilton – Field Trip to Niagara Falls. Some of these he finished in less than a day. It is such an expensive hobby of him!! He has been begging me to buy books, that’s why these 5 books that I bought. But they were consumed in less than a week. Next time, I’ll bring him to the library. Too costly to buy new books for him! LOL!

You should see how he laughed when he read George’s Marvelous Medicine while I was having a gathering at a friend’s house. Everyone was so curious as to what he was reading. At the end, that book was left there, borrowed by the owner’s daughter. LOL!

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Oct 07 2010

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown – a disappointment

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After reading Dan Brown’s 4 books, he became one of my most favorite authors, and I have been looking forward to The Lost Symbol.

It was launched some time last year, but was sold in hardcopy, which I hate. Charsiu and Aiyu gave me its PDF copy. So, technically I had access to it for more than a year. But I just couldn’t make it past the first chapter.

First of all, the preface was a bit bland. Nothing exciting, nothing that Cantonese call “diu-yan” – i.e. there is no bait for me to further read it.

Then, the beginning of chapter 1 is again (for the Nth time), nightmare of Robert Landon’s phobia in narrow space. Then he awoke in sweat, then he go to the school’s indoor swimming pool, bla-bla-bla. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Yawn…

I didn’t read past that despite trying many months.

I blamed it on PDF. I blamed it on my eyes for difficulty to read on computer screen.

So, when the paperback is out, DH bought a copy for me. It took me nearly 3 months to read it!! It took me the hardest time to finish the final 1/3 of the book. I fell asleep every few pages.

Then, I spoke to Aiyu just today, about how I felt about the book. She had a different opinion, coz both she and Charsiu found the book very exciting. And then we found out what’s the issue with me (or the book)…

Either I am too smart, or the book has not enough plots. I KNEW ALL THE IMPORTANT PLOTS FROM THE BEGINNING! So, I lost the fun of discovering the ‘shocks’ of it!

There are 3 key things in the story, which any of them, if you know already, you would lose the enjoyment. Somewhat, I could guess all the 3, from nearly the beginning. I didn’t try hard or think hard about it. It just popped naturally to my mind, as if like I KNEW IT, the moment I read.

**** Warning, Spoilers Ahead ****

Okay, the moment Dan Brown described Mal’akh’s tatoos, I already knew that he is only waiting for one final symbol to fill up his crown, and once that is done, he will kill himself as the ultimate sacrifice. Although I did not know at that point, that his aim was to be God himself and I also didn’t know he plans to use his father to kill him, I knew the final symbol is going to be delivered by Langdon.

Second thing is, I knew who he really is, the moment the Solomons recalled the night when their mother was killed, when Mal’akh first appear and claimed that he killed Peter Solomon’s only son. At that instant, I knew already who he really is, so there was no surprise at all, even when in the story Peter Solomon was shocked when found out.

And the last thing is… when Robert Langdon was ‘killed’ in the water, somehow the movie Abyss came to my mind. I though, “well, he can’t be really dead, so don’t tell me Dan Brown placed that oxygenated liquid in Abyss into this tank?” True enough, he was not drown, and Dan Brown did quote Abyss later, in the explanation of the plot.

So, if you were me, how much fun would I get from this book? Some more, it seems like Dan Brown trying to brainwash or evangelize on his no-God believe. Being a Christian, we have many answers to his challenges and all that, it seems boring to me, when someone keep trying to preach to you again and again something that is against your believe. Furthermore, 1/4 of his book, he just repeated himself. Yawn, like very long-winded, nagging woman.

I didn’t write review of many books that I read lately, but must give this one its deserved space here. A 1 star rating from me. LOL!

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Aug 20 2010

Long Overdue Book Collection Post

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The more I check my past posts, the more I found out about my overdue posts!

Somehow, I have this post about my book collections, and it was “Part 1“. There never was a part 2 or sequence to that! Hahahaha! What happened, I can’t remember. Maybe just simply forgot about it! :p

I now have so many books, thanks to having a nice bookcase. I don’t think I can one by one describe my book collections, and I don’t want to do this in parts already! :p

This is my book collection now:

Book Collection 1

Last year, I just said that I overestimated my books, that I had a lot of space… Now, I am running out of space! Look, I have to do the double-row stuff now:

Book collection 2

Actually, there are so many books I haven’t read on this shelf, but somehow, maybe because they were bought in a “lot” of 20 or 30 books, many titles were not really what I check carefully before buying, I tend to be attracted to new books in the stores! I keep on buying and reading new books, and the older books just sit on the shelves! LOL!

Let me count…
There are 55 books I haven’t read!!! And this is excluding those that I have decided I am not going to read (like those from Michael Palmer), and those that I considered text books (another 12 books).

Aiyoh, aiyoh… I really shouldn’t buy any more… But how do you resist, let’s say if Dan Brown or Tess Gerritsen has a new release? Or, let’s say if Harry Potter is just having the 7th book (I know it is the past, but let’s just imagine!). Those are the situation when I went to grab new books and got tempted to get others.

Now, I have RM50 (or 100) vouchers from MPH, I have to buy some or it would expire soon. Maybe should buy kids books, so it won’t add up to my unread books!

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May 01 2010

LeSportsac is Doing This Again

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Remember I shared about this ‘free’ LeSportsac sling bag some time ago in Sep last year? It is doing this again!

LeSportsac 3 designs

I got myself the brown one in the center, bought the black for my sister, and my friend took the blue/pink. Then… I couldn’t resist myself, bought the black one too! It is very suitable for an evening bag, for occasion that is semi formal.

The design for this one is even much better than the last round, with very nice compartment inside:

Inside LeSportsac Blue and Pink

It is more spacious this time. Looks compact but can even fit in 2 mobile phones. Can be used like a purse, which I am doing now. Love it so much!

Inside LeSportsac Mag

It costs RM67.xx (can’t remember the exact) for that magazine, and it is considered as book sales (magazine!) so you can keep the receipt for income tax relief. Hehehehe! It is a good price for LeSportsac!

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Dec 30 2009

Backlog of my book posts

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In the 5 months job break, I read quite a number of books. The number is not that impressive, but considered good for me. I didn’t manage to post them here earlier. Here one shot publish them all here.

Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

The book is more of romance than any scary vampire story. I read the book before watching the movie, and got really disappointed with the movie – it didn’t do justice to the book! The book is a must read, but you can (or should) avoid the movie.

When Will There Be Good News?: A Novel

I was ‘conned’ by the review and the cover of the book. It was such a slow paced boring book. It started quite well, but just after 1 chapter, the rest all very slow. Very English. I think I prefer American better. :p

Are you afraid of the dark?

I really wanted to laugh half way. This is supposedly a thriller, but I think it is like a comic. The key characters are 2 young ladies who are just ordinary (apart from being stunning beautiful), know nothing about fighting or spy tasks. But somehow, they could win the conspiracy game by outwitting the ‘bad guy’.

It feels very Austin Power. The every ‘action’ in the story is just really, REALLY Austin Power feel. I dislike this book, honestly!!

Hmm… after writing up to this point, I think I didn’t really read that many books after all. Hahahaha!!!

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