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Feb 28 2013

Sorry – My Site Has Been Full Of Issues

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Apologies to all visitors. I just realized since I’ve migrated from Bryan’s server 2 months ago, this site has been having issues with its permalink, including those of the other baking blog of mine Suzette Cooks.

I just realized it, when I wanted to go to the Famous Amos Cookies Recipe. Now, the permalink has been changed from the year/date/post-name format into /post-name format. I did not change the setting of the blog, so it has all attributed to the migration.

I am now in contact with my new host, hopefully he can fix it asap. I am absolutely upset about this, because… after I checked the traffic, it has dropped from 100+ daily unique visits, down to less than 5 daily visits.

I’m sure by now, a lot of my old followers would have left/ditched this blog.

WAAAHHHH!!! I wanna cry!!

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Feb 22 2013

I’ve Been Lazy

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Been lazy so long, in updating this blog.

Since stopped working 3 years ago, since leaving my frequent flying job 5 years ago (wow, time flies!), I have not been updating this blog regularly. Hubby keeps teasing me that this blog is dying. Well, in a way…

I lost all my blogging incomes, coz who would like to advertise in a blog that has not been updated regularly? LOL!

Recently, hosting is about to renew, I had no choice but to migrate to a lower cost one. ARGH!

Anyway, I must kick my butt to resume writing again. I feel rusted already! :p

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Dec 30 2010

Added FB Like Icon

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I am not really good at HTML coding, so when the other day I chatted with Aiyu about needing a FB “like” thingy for this blog, it was the beginning of my coding nightmare.

At first, I went to the FB developer site, registered and got the codes. Then, used the code, alamak, every page every post the Like refers to the same –> the homepage! So I took it down. Then last night went to search for plugins, finally got one. But… somehow this Like icon always appear on a separate line, cannot be the same line as my comments. And not only that, it leaves a lot of space below the icon, like double spacing.

I went to my style css, removed all the paddings, but because the icon is not in my style, the space is so ugly!

I finally tweak a few things, changing the solid line below the title to dotted, and the dotted line below the comments to thicker solid. This way, at least it helps (I hope) not to confuse people which posts the comments/like-button are for. I know in the past many people have left comments in the wrong posts (like in the one older). I’ve also added the post title next to the comments, to make it clearer!

This took me so much time to do. Really not up for programming/coding. LOL!

Let me know if you experience any difficulties in navigating. Your input is very much appreciated!

BTW, come ‘like’ this post lah, let me see if this thing works? Any 1-Like I will be very happy already. :p

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Jan 06 2010

My Suzette account was suspended?!

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Yesterday, when I was trying to reply to a comment, one moment I could see the comment and the next moment I clicked “Reply”, the whole account was suspended.

I couldn’t get in at all, and no one could see my blog.

I checked with the host, and was informed that this site has compromised the integrity of the hosting server, and was due to unusual spike in traffic. But hor, I checked my statcounter account, nothing unusual wor…

So, the whole evening, my blog was unaccessible. :(

And to solve that, I have to pay a premium. Split this blog and SuzetteCooks into 2 individual standard account. Fire-fighting to make decisions and to solve this until midnight. :(

This is back to the original arrangement when these blogs were originally hosted with LcF. Jason laughed at me when I did that, and recommended me to host these 2 blogs within 1 account and switched host. I took his advice, and wasted quite a lot (paid LcF in full already and of course no refund lah!).

Now, I am reverting back to the same arrangement, but more expensive. I know I am paying for better quality of service, but honestly I am worried about funding.

Now that I have stopped all my link-selling businesses, I have no more new ‘blog fund’ coming in. I used to have steady income of USD70-100 per month, without doing anything. I stopped investing time in selling, it reduced to USD30 per month. To protect my blog from penalized by Google (kena once before), I have decided to stop these incomes altogether since few months ago.

So, I have no more income, yet am paying so much to host the sites. I think I cannot spend my PayPal money that carelessly anymore! Used to think they are easy money, bought lots of goods from eBay, and now not much left!!

Either I stop using them and reserve them for my next few year’s hosting expenses, or re-start selling links again. Hmm… struggle…

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Dec 03 2009

Bumped into Tim from Nuffnang

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Last night (Wed night), I went to an evening event, invited by a client. It was their 10-year anniversary year end party. The venue was at Lunar Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel.

A spectacular night. Nice venue, outdoor, with a very closeup view on both KL Tower and Twin Tower – the pool was like sandwiched between the 2 landmarks! I didn’t bring a camera, what a waste!

I went with a colleague, but apart from the person who invited us, we knew no one else. So, I kept searching for familiar faces, hoping to bump into someone in my industry. Not successful, coz it is not an m.r. society but more to media society.

Talking about media… I saw someone so familiar. Upon introduction, he is that Timothy from Nuffnang! I should have known it was him, but not very sure before we spoke. I have never met him in person anyway, right?

Hmm… should not be a surprise, coz it was a media event. But still feel proud to be part of Nuffnang community. LOL!

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