Oct 04 2013

Learn to Skate – Progress

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My kids started their first skating lessons on 8 June, whilst Mel (their cousin) joined 3 weeks later on 29 June. After seeing them doing it, and since I have to stay there for an hour with them, which can be really boring, I also took up lessons with them.

I officially joined them on 10 Aug, 2 months behind. Here is my Learn-To-Skate booklet…

From The Suzette

Really took me a great effort to pick up courage to join them. Adults… err… too many things to be afraid of. Scared of falling, scared of ‘no-face’, scared of being embarrassed, etc. I’m so glad that DH did not discourage me (although he also didn’t encourage, ahem!).

It was really a bad month to join in Aug/Sep. When we pay, we pay for 2 months package, costs RM220 for level 1. And Aug/Sep is a bad month, because it kept raining. Once it rains, lesson is canceled and there is no replacement! I was so anxious coz 3 weeks consecutively can’t take any lessons! So, one week I’ve decided to let Isabel be late for her morning ballet lesson, so that we could take the morning slot to catch up. But can only do once, as it is equally damaging to skip her lesson lah.

With that, finally I have taken 6 lessons, with another 1 more to go tomorrow. This time rugi banyak loh.

I was stuck at heel stop for 2 lessons, with a lot of mental barrier to fight, after the terrible falls during the week after my 1st lesson (read here for detail). I completely lost confidence, and kept doubting myself, with lots of fear on my skate shoes. I was also terrified of speed as well (is it sign or old age or just my nature?!).

Then, learning A-frame turn also took me 2 lessons, whilst Ian passed IMMEDIATELY! Jealous. Then last week I passed Swizzle, haven’t started learning Scooter yet. Kids already started. I feel so much left behind. >_<

From The Suzette

I keep having lots of problem with speed. The instructor kept telling me to go faster, but I just… err… cruised lazily. Hey, not that I didn’t put effort, I had thought I was FAST already, but… from my friend’s camera (bumped into her and she took video of me falling down, shameful!), I saw that I was really REALL REALLY SLLLLOOOOOWWW.

One instructor said that I’m still terrified of speed. The moment I gained a little (emphasized: LITTLE) speed, I get panic and lost balance, or would just slow down (unconsciously).

I hope I can learn and pass scooter tomorrow, else got to pay and renew?! Sob! Why I am so stupid and lack agility lah.

I know, I have never been active before, and I have very little muscle (I will come to that in a few days time in my next post). I have slow response, low reflex. When I do sports, I often get hit by the balls instead of hitting them. My rackets fly, and my shoes flew out when kicking the sand bag… Until now, still no difference. Sigh.

Makes me wonder if I should continue with Level 2, after I pass Level 1. The question is, it took me so hard to survive this level, will I survive the next one? I look at the list of things to learn in next level, I already sweat ler. Need so much of 1 foot balance. Without the skate, bare foot on the floor, I already found it challenging. * sweat *


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    suzette, can you please drop me an email? i have someting to ask u. TIA

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