Oct 03 2013

I have very confusing feet

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I started running 2+ years ago, around mid 2011. First pair of running shoes was a New Balance. I don’t like to wear shoes that wrap around my feet because I just never can find comfortable shoes, but can’t avoid this for sports shoes. So my first pair of shoes worn until the sole wore off, and the stingy me still wanted to continue using… but the year end clearance came, and got tempted to buy my 2nd pair of shoes –> Nike. I bought the cheapest one that was on sales, only RM159 (out of season color which I don’t mind).

From The Suzette

I still keep the old NB shoes though, dunno for what. :p Just threw it away 2 hours ago only.

With the new Nike shoes, I ran for a while, and joined my first 10km Putrajaya night run. Around this time, I realized something wasn’t quite right about my feet. I started to wonder if it has to do with shoes.

I have never really looked into my feet problem, and never taken shoes seriously. I would just buy the cheapest shoes available as long as it is OK and don’t feel pain. But… when I was running with NB shoes, I had blisters. The blisters are around the ball of my feet, and the outer edges of both big toes. I had thought with the new pair of Nike shoes it would be solved. Well, it did, but only for a few weeks prior to my first 5km race. On the day of the night race, at around 5km point, my feet started to burn. Towards the end of the 10km I was already limping due to the extreme pain at the ball of the feet. When the race ended, I checked the bottom… a layer of skin practically peeled off from the bottom, with more threatening to let go.

At this point, I was tempted into investing a pair of Newton shoes when it was on sales last year, hoping it could solve my problem (more cushion for mid-foot landing runners). So, I switched my almost worn out Nike for the striking colored Newton. Did it solve my problem? NO! Not only that it didn’t solve my problem, I started to have a different and more serious issue –> Plantar Fasciitis.

From The Suzette

It started with the morning pain when get out of bed and went off after a while. Later, it developed into pains during the day, after sitting for a while. At one point, even sitting down, the heels would have throbbing pains.

So, I stopped using Newton, went back to my Nike and endured the blisters. Then few months ago, I decided to invest in a pair of good shoes, and someone recommended Brooks. I bought a pair, but… from a wrong shop with people who were not able to advise me. So I bought a pair of wrong shoes not suitable for me. Not cheap!

From The Suzette

What’s the problem with this pair of Brooks Ariel? To start with, it is D size in width and I have small/narrow feet, should be using size A or B (which I found out much later). To make it worse, my left foot is 1 whole size smaller than my right foot, so it caused my left foot to be swimming inside. That extra room gave more friction when running, so of course my blister came back. And my plantar fasciitis has never gone away.

Today, we went to the shop at 3-TWO square for its sales. The guy there is very experienced and gave me very good service. He examined my foot and my pose, asked all sort of questions related to my foot and running style, and finally he recommended Ravenna for me, original price RM439 sold at RM150. But my collapsing arch on the left foot would need a supporting insole, that costs RM199 (at most only 15% disc). He then suggested another model, Trance 11, original price of RM579 is sold now at RM200!! So I finally took the latter.

From The Suzette

Look, my left foot is a completely confusing one. First of all, it is under pronated, i.e. the ankle twisted outward, causing the foot pressing against the outer edge more. I already suspected this, coz all my shoes are worn out there. Check out my first pair of shoes (NB) bottom:

From The Suzette

In the picture, the one on the right side is my left shoe, and check out the worn out area (white color), where the black rubber has completely gone? This is definitely an under-pronated foot.

But, one would thought I should get blister at the outer edge right? But my blister is the inner edge, from the big toe to the ball.

The man told me that I also have a collapsing arch at my left foot (not completely flat though). I wonder if that’s the reason (and for plantar fasciitis also!). I had thought low arch means over pronator I am… I am confused, and that guy also admit that I confused him that I am all complicated. :(

Anyhow, I hope the new pair of shoes will solve my problem. Going to do a test run tomorrow morning.

Ah, BTW, today’s damage is not only the shoes, I also bought some shirts and pants. My pants are way over 10 years old and they are going to be torn. :p

From The Suzette


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  1. EMYYLon 05 Oct 2013 at 10:49 pm

    Wah, you can really bear the pain. See a podiatrist perhaps? Your foot will affect your entire body, particularly knees, hips and back. Sometimes it’s also the way you lace the shoes up. There are different styles for people with different feet. Take care!

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