Sep 04 2013

How Do You Define OLD?

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Recently, I’ve heard many speakers trying to define ‘old’, as they began their speech, trying to engage the audiences. Depending on the speakers’ age, some used 40 years as cut-off point, and one used his own age –> 70 years old, some used other yardsticks, but mostly numbers.

Some people also like to say, ‘young at heart’, i.e. if you are young at heart, you are young… Hmm…??

I have been pondering this definition of ‘old’ lately, partly also because I am stepping into the 40s range very soon. Moses has three 40s in his life. The first 40, he lived as a prince. The second 40, he lived as a shepherd, a castaway. The third 40, he led his fellow people out of Egypt, wander in the dessert. So, 40 has been used a lot, as the mark of turning point into another life stage.

But I have lately figured out a way to define old. You see, by age, one might not feel old yet. You can be 50 years old, yet have a very young body and mind, very fit in every aspects, with good maintenance. You can be 20 years old, but the body and mind are pretty much used up, look many years older than actual age.

However, as I get more and more mature every day (ahem, refused to use the word ‘old), I realized one thing –> life experience, we can’t deny. I noticed ‘old’ has a lot to do with the people around us… Let me give some examples.

When we were young, well, when we were VERY young – all of our authorities are older than us. They are MUCH older than us. Authorities –> teachers, doctors, dentists, policemen, etc.

As we aged, we slowly see the age of our authorities getting younger and younger, then at one point, they are either only few years older than us, same age, or became younger than us! Oops, no, not that they got younger, but have to admit that –> we are getting older instead. So it is a transition period when we see a mixture.

Then, finally at one point, when all our authorities are younger than us, we are OLD. No way to deny that already.

As of current stage, my pastor is only 1 year older than me. My family doctor is only few years older than me. My favorite dentist (older) is too busy, and often have to settle with other dentists who are… YOUNGER than me.

4 years ago, when I learnt swimming with a group of friends, the instructor is (I guess) few years older than us (or probably same age). But a year later, if I were to learn again, all available instructors in this area, are younger than me!

When my gang and I tried to register a 10km run, oops, I am going into the VETERAN category! (for women 35 and above!) Hmm…

I picked up skating 3 weeks ago, joined the open classes. The instructors are at least 10+ years younger than me. So, people that I am learning a new skill from, are mostly younger now.

So, how not to be old and admit that I am old? I can say that I feel young at heart, or I can put make up and dress up younger, but the fact is, I am going to be 40 soon, and I am at the transition period of getting OLD. Time to adjust my mind to live like a 40 something soon… A mixed feeling leh!


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