Sep 19 2013

Fun Time Is So Short

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Recently we have so much fun, mostly skating around. Because we wanted so badly to pass the heel-stop last Saturday, I brought the kids to the class twice, once in the morning and then again in the evening. Doing this is so tiring for me, but the kids were so happy!

We managed to pass both heel-stop and A-frame-turn on the same day, indeed Ian passed both in the morning session and started learning scooter in the evening, while I was still struggling with both. LOL! Kids learn so much faster and better than me! I haven’t even started learning scooter ler. :p

And then on Monday, since it was a holiday, we had another round skating around, although I was dead tired. By end of the day, when I accompanied Isabel to bed, guess what, she said the following (which I thought only the grown up would feel that!):

“Mama, why is it when we are doing things that are fun, time flies so fast. But when we are doing things that we don’t like, time passes so slowly?”

Haha, and she told me the things that she dislikes are some of the subjects. I didn’t know there were subjects she dislikes, and they are: science, computer and art! Hmm… wonder why she dislikes them. She said, “Every time during these periods, I always look at the clock, and it is true the time passes so slowly…” Sounds so dreadful for her. :)


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