Sep 05 2013

Classic Kungfu Series

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Recently talked to Aiyu about those 金庸 TVB kungfu series, because I have downloaded the Condor Heroes and shared with her and Piggy. It was the very classic ones, with main actors being 黄日华 and 翁美玲, the 1983 version.

Seriously, after so many versions came out, we had 1994 TVB 张智霖/朱茵, 2003 大陆 李亚鹏 versions, and still think of this 1983 versions as the most classic ones. It has 60 episodes, split into 3 parts (each 20 episodes): 铁血丹心, 东邪西毒, and 华山论剑. I think the casting for that series was perfect, although I am not fond of 黄日华 in that series at all, to the level of disliking that character. Although I dislike him, but that is the character of 郭靖 that I dislike, and he has interpreted the character perfectly. So does 翁美玲 in her act of 黄蓉. All other versions just can’t compare to this one.

Then we chatted about other books that Mr. 金庸 has written. I remembered the poem written by someone earlier:

These 14 words list all the stories he has written, missing 越女剑, if my memory serves me well (or one other?).

In case you are interested, these 14 stories are (in order of the poem, NOT in order of when he wrote them):


This conversation sparks our interest to find those ‘classic’ series from TVB back to 80s… Hmm… I wonder if this is also another indication of our age??!! :p

So I started the quest of searching for those torrents. It was indeed the toughest thing to do. You know, most Chinese movies/series, when you search, always end up at pornography sites, or promoting games. I have to do this when the kids are asleep, to avoid those questions and curious eyes. :(

Finally, found nearly all the torrents that we had interest in:
天龙八部 (黄日华/ 1997) –> am still looking for the 1982 version
射雕英雄传 (黄日华/ 1982)
鹿鼎记 (梁朝伟/ 1984)
笑傲江湖 (周润发/ 1982)
神雕侠侣 (刘德华/ 1983)
倚天屠龙记 (梁朝伟/ 1986)
碧血剑 (林家栋/ 2000) –> is there another older version?

I am still looking for 书剑恩仇录, I think I’ve watched before, but memory very vague. I remember I dislike that girl who acted as 香香公主, as she was not good in acting. But I could have mixed up with other movies, if this character also appears. Anyone to shed some light?

In the search, I also remembered of these oldies: 千王之王,网中人,上海滩,万水千山总是情,etc… Those ‘good’ series lately, maybe missing those great songs, cannot engage us so well. Those composers and the singers are great, but mostly already passed away ler…

Hmm… makes me feel old again. :p


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