Aug 26 2013

Wish I had Learnt To Live In ‘Current’ Earlier

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Looking back at the days of my university life, I felt that it was really a waste of my 4 years (3.5 years to be precise). Not that I learnt nothing, or done nothing, but I did not live it to the fullest. It was my attitude problem.

To begin with, my heart was not ready nor prepared to go there. I was sort of escorted to the U, on the day I returned from my island holiday with a group of friends. I nearly missed the orientation day, but managed to reach there on time, with last minute packing. I went with a reluctant heart (although from a hind side, it was the best move my parents have decided for me then).

Because of that reluctance, I resented everything. I refused to blend in to the culture. I stick to only a few friends, especially my course-mates only. Every activities I took part, were with motives – just to score enough merit to be able to stay in the hostel. Ya, I wasn’t even interested to find a place outside, which was seen as exciting experience for most.

In fact, whenever I could, I would just stay inside my room. If not forced to, I won’t go out of my cocoon.

I still remember the morning runs that we had to endure during orientation days, that I would fake ill, nearly all the time. I probably was ill, from the illness of laziness and reluctance to workout. I hated being active.

As a result of that, when I think back of my uni-days, I don’t have much memories. I don’t remember many things. Not names, not faces, not activities.

My attitude at that time was — to get pass that 4 years, so I could leave that place. I didn’t try to blend in or learn to like that place. I was only thinking of the FUTURE, and saw CURRENT as a stepping stone that I did not want any part of.

Now, as I learnt to live my CURRENT, and as I learnt to pick up sports for 3 years, I slowly understand and enjoy my CURRENT better. I wish I had learnt this earlier, and if I have had this kind of attitude, my university life would be much more colorful and more enjoyable, like many of my friends.

I can imagine those morning runs, those fun activities (which I regarded as dreadful last time) would be so interesting with the right attitude.

I can’t live my PAST again, although I imagine them being better with new view now, but I urge everyone who chance upon this post, to change your attitude to live your CURRENT life to the fullest. No matter how reluctant you are to a situation, when God put you in it, just accept and be obedient, live in it and work at it with all your heart. You will find it more enjoyable – you are doing good for yourself and for all people around you. Bitterness is a very dangerous enemy for our lives, remember that. :)


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