Aug 23 2013

I am learning to skate with my children

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Isabel’s birthday was in May, and I knew she has been wanting a pair of skate shoes, so after discussed with DH, we decided to get a pair for her, and to give her skating lesson, to equip her with the skill to use the shoes.

Many years ago, maybe around 4 years, I bought a pair of inline skates, joining my friends Aiyu and Charsiu.

k2 inline skates and alexis gear set

Somehow, due to the amount of $$ we spent, we didn’t join any classes, but tried to learn from Youtube ourselves. It started okay, but after many weeks, we never got really confident at it. As we were trying to learn A-frame turn, I had an unnatural fall, and twisted my knee. It took me more than 10 months to recover. I couldn’t walk, swim, etc. my knee was so swollen that I couldn’t even bend it. And since then, I never went onto the skate shoes any more.

Now since we are giving Isabel this gift, Ian also benefited from it. We have decided to delay the purchase of the shoes a little, let them learn first. Skateline offers to lend shoes and all equipment for level 1 and 2 students during lessons, so I took the advantage of that. However, after 1 lesson, I’ve decided to buy the kids their own protective gears, coz the loan units really stink. For hygiene purpose, I think better this way.

Only after they learnt nearly 2 months and see that their progress is a little slow, I then decided to buy them the shoes. Of course, they showed strong interest in it. :)

At this point, my itchy heart got stirred up, and I also signed up to learn with them.

On the first lesson, I had the advantage of being on skate shoes before, and also no other students (I had the solid 60min with the instructor), I passed the IFS (inline fun start, I.e. theory and basic), as well as the stride 1. So, my 2nd lesson I could join my kids in learning Heel Stop.

It was a great start for me, but I soon experienced nightmare…

The week we were waiting for my second Saturday lesson, was a school holiday week. As I tried to bring the kids to the basketball court to practice, the security guard shooed us away. In order not to disappoint the kids, I allowed them to move to the park, which was a big mistake for me…

There were so many up and down slopes. For someone like me, who have just learnt stride in 1 lesson, and who is so clumsy with the skate shoes, I really shouldn’t have done that. In one of the long downhill slope, I fell 3 times very badly. Not only I bruised my backside very badly, I also scraped them. When I showered only I realized the bleeding.

And that week’s lesson on Heel Stop became more important for me, but I am too scared to skate, I just couldn’t do it well. I wonder if I could ever learn up the skill to skate.

Now think again, at age of 40, trying to pick up a new sport, which I could hardly do when I was younger, is this something stupid to do?

But… I just feel like doing something with my children. I wish to do this with them! Well, maybe they don’t really want me to do with them, so what’s the point? I don’t know… Just hope I could survive Level 1 and get my money worth.

I hope there are more mothers learning to skate together with me, to help encourage one another!! Come lah, whoever reads Suzette, come and let’s meet up and learn to skate together! :)


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3 responses on I am learning to skate with my children

3 Responses to “I am learning to skate with my children”

  1. beckysmumon 24 Aug 2013 at 9:38 am

    I am planning to let my children and myself to start the lesson during year end school holiday. Now surveying for skate shoes, lets see if i really pick up skating :)

  2. suzetteon 25 Aug 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Really? Beckysmum, come join us lah. Don’t wait till year end holiday. There are 6 levels offered by Skateline, and each level we pay for 2 months, skates and gears are all provided for the first 2 levels. Come join us lah! Lessons are on weekends, you choose Sat or Sun. Check out their website… :)

  3. Suzette » Learn to Skate – Progresson 04 Oct 2013 at 6:17 pm

    […] a lot of mental barrier to fight, after the terrible falls during the week after my 1st lesson (read here for detail). I completely lost confidence, and kept doubting myself, with lots of fear on my skate shoes. I […]

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