Mar 08 2013

I went to the school 3 times today

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Well, since Friday night I smelled something fishy in Ian’s homework again. I don’t think he completed his 写话练习 and 周会记录. I was right. He finally confessed.

So, I made him promise to borrow from friend on Monday, to copy them and complete at home. But at the end of Monday, he said he forgot. I made him promise to do it on Tuesday.

When he came back on Tuesday, he said the friends all handed-in their homework already he could not borrow. So, I made him promise to go to the teacher to confess and to ask if he could borrow any of the books.

Wednesday – came back, said forgot.
Thursday – came back, said forgot again.

Friday, that is today… I went to the school after recess time, to make sure he remembers. True enough, he said forgot. I reminded him. Went back to see him again at 12pm. The teacher was in the classroom, and I made him tell the teacher, then I left the school.

When I went back to pick him at 1:20pm, he told me that he spoke to the teacher and the teacher said, “So? What can I do about it?”

Honestly, when I went to the school the 2nd time today, I already gave up. In my heart, I was thinking, that’s enough already for him. What a dreadful thing to do to face that teacher. Even I don’t feel like seeing her. I want to rest the case now. Privately, will just see if my friend’s daughter can lend him the books or not. Hope he learn a lesson that his mommy is really serious about not completing homework. Sigh….!


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