May 25 2012

Mumsgather is giving away a nice toy!

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Check out Parenting Times’ Giveaway contest here.
Parenting Times Giveaway

Mumsgather is giving away a very interesting Hotwheel starter set. It is very easy to participate, just comment on her post will earn you 1 entry already. You can just write anything, like “I want this, please!!”. LOL! To increase your chance to win this (is a random draw), you can do other stuff listed in her blog, like sharing in FB, Tweeter, or even writing a blog post like this one.

I think she is quite smart doing this, coz that toy doesn’t cost her any (sponsored) and this can really drive traffic plus awareness of her blog. Smart girl!! I am simply too lazy to do this. I remember few years ago, tried to do similar thing by giving out books (Ya, I know, I am so boring, Hahaha!), and I did not get even ONE single entry. Bla! LOL! :p

I actually already have another Hotwheel starter kit, hidden from Ian, intend to give him later. It has been kept for years! Initially wasn’t keen to participate in this giveaway, but this one is very interesting. It mounts on wall (but doesn’t spoil out wall), and it elevates the track, so the cars start from very high position. My only worry would be where to put this stuff. Well, worry about it only IF I get to win it…! I think Ian would love it very much! ^_^


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2 responses on Mumsgather is giving away a nice toy!

2 Responses to “Mumsgather is giving away a nice toy!”

  1. mumsgatheron 25 May 2012 at 10:50 am

    Hide for a few years! lol. You must remember to take it out before he outgrows it.

  2. suzetteon 25 May 2012 at 3:06 pm

    True! LOL!

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