Feb 09 2012

I was too upset to learn this…

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On the last day of CNY, also the day that we have all recovered from any illnesses that started from first day of CNY, I found out something about Ian.

On Facebook, one of my little spy’s sister wrote to me. She told me that Ian has been beaten by Bahasa teacher everyday, for not completing his homework. I was a little puzzled, coz I have been checking his homework everyday, well, except for the last Thursday and Friday due to work.

After contemplating for a while, I decided to visit my little spy that evening, to cross check all homework.

To my horror, there were too many books, too many chapters and pages, that Ian did not do. He didn’t even copy down the homework and has never passed up since the beginning of this school year! Without him copying down, how would I see and check?!

So, we spent 2 full days, getting Ian to complete all of his homework. It took him so long, because he has not paid attention in the school, and has not remembered what these homework are.

Nearly all subjects were affected: Bahasa, English, Chinese, Moral, etc.

Yesterday, I purposely made a trip to the school to meet up with the class teacher (the same one last year!). She is less hostile compared to last year, but also didn’t have any good comment on Ian. She gave Ian a good caning when Ian passed up the long over-due homework in the class after I left.

And the Bahasa teacher is very sweet. She told me that it is the First class, every children very obedient and hardworking, but Ian is the different one. He pays no attention to teacher, he is lazy (that’s the term used), very careless — stands out as the bad apple in the class. She wants to help him, and that’s why she is very strict with him. I actually was so thankful to God, to send such angel to teach Ian. She cares about Ian, otherwise she wouldn’t be so “kek-sum” when Ian doesn’t pass up homework (whilst the other teachers never notice it!).

When Ian said he lost the books, she even helped search his school bag, dig into it to help him find.

All these I have taken notes prior to this incident, and I know how good a teacher she is. I just wanted expressed my thank to her when I met her, and of course – apologies for Ian’s bad behavior. At the end, I also gave her my number, just in case she needs to get in touch with me (I hope she gets in touch!).

After that, Ian seem to be regretful of what he has done. But I don’t know for how long would he stay like this. Now talking about homework, I am stressed! Actually the volume is not too much, to be fair. He just refused to do, and when he does he did it very reluctantly resulting a long time spent! He really needs to change his attitude in this. Sigh!


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2 Responses to “I was too upset to learn this…”

  1. Pei Weion 15 Feb 2012 at 3:46 pm

    same case to my colleague’s son lah, and he always say I don’t know when asked him what/where r his homework. sigh…i’m scare now, when my gal goes to Primary 1 in a cina school in 2yrs time +_+

  2. suzetteon 18 Feb 2012 at 8:44 am

    Pei Wei, girls usually better lah. All those with same problem, usually are boys, so far from what I’ve heard! @_@

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