Mar 03 2011

I’m Happy and I’m not Happy

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LOL! What is this? :p

Well this is really 无题. So I simply created that title. Anyway, I was just thinking, I am very happy with Ian, coz he is so independent in terms of taking care of his school bag. Since around end of his second week at school, he is already able to pack his school bag himself, without making any mistakes. I can now goyang kaki, just instruct him “Go, pack you school bag!”

Well, initially he did it all with his own initiation, but lately needs reminder and now a bit of push. He would negotiate with me, to pack it later lah, this and that.

Then, my mind floated to the headaches that he has given me lately (hence the title changed from I’m Happy to the current one, LOL!).

He is so so so active and talkative in the school. One day I went to see his school teacher, wanted to understand why Ian said he is not allowed to go to the toilet (hence not drinking water). I apologized first about his active behavior and mischiefs. The teacher said, “I’m glad you are aware of your son’s behavior…” Wah…! I lost of words of don’t know how to continue at that moment. :p

Then, few weeks later, I found out, he even pulled down the school’s curtain! Aiyoh, I really don’t know what to say about his behavior. Sometimes we said, “Look at this boy, so naughty, the parents never teach meh?” Now it is like slapping those words to my own face! :o

Anyway, on a non-related thing… Last Friday my car was hit from the back. A girl, with a license less than 6 months old, avoiding a taxi and hit into my car (I was stopping at the roadside). She wanted to settle for just RM100, and I insisted RM300 because of the past experience. Finally, they (she was with her mom) managed to gather all the money and still RM5 short. What should I do? I took it and left. Today, the quotation came, RM400!!!! I guess that does me justice, for stopping at the roadside. Very samtung, but what to do, my fault as well, not entirely the girl’s fault (although that doesn’t mean she can hit me, right?).


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