Mar 19 2011

Ian Loves The School!

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Yes, despite all these craps about the education system and all the punishments Ian gets nearly everyday in the school, he told me one day that HE LOVES THE SCHOOL!!

You know, it is extremely challenging to dig words out of his mouth. He is just not very expressive about himself. It was a lengthy talk before I found out why he likes the school. Here is our conversation:

Ian: “I am very happy”
Suz: “Why?”

Ian: “I like to go to school”
Suz: “Huh? Why do you like to go to school?”

Ian: “It is fun!”
Suz: “Huh? How fun is it?”

Ian: “I don’t know”
Suz: “Come on lah, tell me why is it fun? What is fun? Pleaseeeee….”

Ian: “It is hard to tell. Err… The homework is very easy.”
Suz: “Wow, so the homework is easy, it makes you like the school?”

Ian: “Well, I just love the school!”
Suz: “I see… you love the school. Is it be cause of the teachers? You love the teachers?”

Ian: “No lah!”
Suz: “You love your friends? Is it because of your friends, you get to know a lot of people?”

Ian: “No lah, hahahahaha!”
Suz: “Come on! Tell me, please…. why do you love your school? Help mommy, I have been out of school for so long, I want to know what make the school so fun!”

Ian: “Okay lah… Err.. Hmm… It is because during recess time I can run around.”
Suz: “Huh?! I thought your teachers won’t let you run around? That fierce teacher, the one with orange shirt, has a cane and always bee-bee (whistle) you all not to round around, right?”

Ian: “Can… I sometime run sometimes walk. It is very fun.”
Suz: “Let me think… Is it because of the freedom?”

Ian: “Yayayaya!! That is your first correct answer!”

Wow! A shocking revelation to me! Hahahaha, he loves the school, because of his newly gained freedom, or perhaps the independence!

Come to think of it, stepping into that school, is the first time he is like out of his parents’ control. Unlike the kindergarten where every teacher knows him and his place is still very much confined, in this school not many people know him. It is just too large for everyone to notice you. He can freely roam around without getting noticed unless he does something bad. He has some pocket money that he can spend almost freely. He is free to make a choice to go to toilet or to eat or to play during recess. He is free to run or walk, although consequence is his own.

He has done many things on his free will, and got himself punished every single day in the school, but the key is – he enjoys the freedom. Whether the freedom has brought punishment or not, he is still excited over it.

I wonder when will he really settle down and use his freedom wisely. Hahahaha! He will grow up one day. I am really touched by this, and have been thinking a lot about it. Whatever it is, the key is that he really enjoys himself despite all the caning and punishment. :)


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4 responses on Ian Loves The School!

4 Responses to “Ian Loves The School!”

  1. Silveryon 21 Mar 2011 at 9:04 am

    Looks like you dont have to worry about Ian losing interest in school due to the easy syllabus :)

    He enjoys freedom, eh? Maybe you’re too much of a controlling mum! haha! :-p

  2. suzetteon 21 Mar 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Silvery: yaya, maybe that, but a bit of let go already causing havoc to others… aiyoh, I think SA and my sister know the best about him. LOL! :p

  3. Alice Phuaon 24 Mar 2011 at 1:07 pm

    If he says ‘freedom’ as an answer as to why he likes school, then I can say he is growing up and is enjoying every bit of growing up! :-D

  4. Vistason 24 Mar 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Aaaw this is so sweet, it’s really good of you to spend the time to find out what he loved so much about it as well. I suspect you’re right, it’s the feeling of independence that comes with that freedom.

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