Mar 07 2011

I Cannot Trick Isabel Any More! LOL!

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Isabel is getting smarter each day, no longer blur-blur. Here are some examples that I cannot trick her any more (hehehe, not that I always trick her lah!)…

Whenever we pour some drinks for Ian and Isabel, they always compare who gets more. It is almost impossible to make them equal every time, so sometimes I trick them by raising the cups up and put them side-by-side with the water level close to each other, to create the illusion that they are the same level. Usually they are off by a few mm, but they would fight for it.

One morning, when we were having breakfast outside, as usual I ordered a glass of Milo Ice and split into two glasses. I did the same, to show that they are the same, but this time, Isabel insisted that I should put them on the table…

There it goes. She complaint that her glass is a little less than Ian’s! Aiyoh…

Another example just happened on Friday. Well, she asked me to buy Vanilla Cream bread for breakfast. I couldn’t find, so simply bought Jagung flavor for her. She refused to eat. I told her they are about the same, then she complaint that the color is YELLOW, she expects the vanilla cream is WHITE.

So, I told her the yellow-like cream is just because the light is yellowish. Guess what? She asked to switch off the light, so that she could examine in natural light!!

At the end? I had to scrap away the yellow cream, and replace with our chocolate spread.

I can no longer trick her lah!!! Hahahaha! But I am proud too… :p


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