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Mar 19 2011

Ian Loves The School!

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Yes, despite all these craps about the education system and all the punishments Ian gets nearly everyday in the school, he told me one day that HE LOVES THE SCHOOL!!

You know, it is extremely challenging to dig words out of his mouth. He is just not very expressive about himself. It was a lengthy talk before I found out why he likes the school. Here is our conversation:

Ian: “I am very happy”
Suz: “Why?”

Ian: “I like to go to school”
Suz: “Huh? Why do you like to go to school?”

Ian: “It is fun!”
Suz: “Huh? How fun is it?”

Ian: “I don’t know”
Suz: “Come on lah, tell me why is it fun? What is fun? Pleaseeeee….”

Ian: “It is hard to tell. Err… The homework is very easy.”
Suz: “Wow, so the homework is easy, it makes you like the school?”

Ian: “Well, I just love the school!”
Suz: “I see… you love the school. Is it be cause of the teachers? You love the teachers?”

Ian: “No lah!”
Suz: “You love your friends? Is it because of your friends, you get to know a lot of people?”

Ian: “No lah, hahahahaha!”
Suz: “Come on! Tell me, please…. why do you love your school? Help mommy, I have been out of school for so long, I want to know what make the school so fun!”

Ian: “Okay lah… Err.. Hmm… It is because during recess time I can run around.”
Suz: “Huh?! I thought your teachers won’t let you run around? That fierce teacher, the one with orange shirt, has a cane and always bee-bee (whistle) you all not to round around, right?”

Ian: “Can… I sometime run sometimes walk. It is very fun.”
Suz: “Let me think… Is it because of the freedom?”

Ian: “Yayayaya!! That is your first correct answer!”

Wow! A shocking revelation to me! Hahahaha, he loves the school, because of his newly gained freedom, or perhaps the independence!

Come to think of it, stepping into that school, is the first time he is like out of his parents’ control. Unlike the kindergarten where every teacher knows him and his place is still very much confined, in this school not many people know him. It is just too large for everyone to notice you. He can freely roam around without getting noticed unless he does something bad. He has some pocket money that he can spend almost freely. He is free to make a choice to go to toilet or to eat or to play during recess. He is free to run or walk, although consequence is his own.

He has done many things on his free will, and got himself punished every single day in the school, but the key is – he enjoys the freedom. Whether the freedom has brought punishment or not, he is still excited over it.

I wonder when will he really settle down and use his freedom wisely. Hahahaha! He will grow up one day. I am really touched by this, and have been thinking a lot about it. Whatever it is, the key is that he really enjoys himself despite all the caning and punishment. :)

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Mar 17 2011

Are You A Sweet Person?

Recently someone asked me this question, and for a moment I was stunned, thinking “Err… I think that is for you to judge…” Hehehe, thank God that I didn’t say it out loud, or else I would embarrass myself. :P

Actually she was making a joke, what she meant wasn’t really “are you a nice person” as I had thought. It was all about having sweet tooth.

Well, my immediate reaction was denial, just like the drunkard denies that they are drunk, LOL! I was only thinking that I usually ask for reduced sugar in my food – Milo kosong, barley kosong, soy milk kosong, kopi kurang manis, etc, so naturally I could be classified as not having sweet tooth.

But I have forgotten all about the desserts that I love to bake, a new hobby picked up in the last 2-3 years! Imagine, the last lemon meringue pie that I baked, it uses around 1+ cups of sugar in total, and I alone finished about 1/3 of the pie in just 2 days. In addition, I was also made aware of the ‘hidden sugar’ that I potentially have taken with large portions.


Talking about sugar and sweet tooth, generally there are 2 groups of sugar that we take in – Naturally Present Sugars (that is found in fruits, vegetables and honey) and Added Sugar (that is added into processed food or during cooking). Most of the added sugars are plant based, like corn syrup solids, glucose syrup solids or sucrose.

The more we talked about this topic, the more I felt guilty and worried.

My mom was struck with heart attack 3-4 years ago, and was saved with angioplasty. After which, doctor has been monitoring her conditions, particularly her blood sugar. Yes, sugar, not just cholesterol! Excess sugar can cause her heart attack to return!! In fact, excess sugar causes so many problems. Apart from heart attack, it leads to diabetic (also our family’s hereditary problem), high blood pressure, obesity and dental caries.

Now my grandma and my mom both have to observe strict sugar diet. Both cannot eat food that is sweet naturally, with added sugar or even carbohydrate. White rice, white bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and fruits… all these, although do not have added sugar, are very harmful to them.

Due to the hereditary issues, I also restrict my children from eating candies, sweets and chocolate. My children used to be very obedient in this manner, and would listen to me (although sometimes they would beg). As they grow up, it gets more challenging because they either see their friends eating candies hence pestering me or been given by other adults (I honestly very upset about this, so please don’t give them any if you meet me, okay?)

Anyway, controlling candies/sweets/chocolates/etc is not enough. When we think of ‘sweet food’ we often overlook the other food with added sugar. Imagine, these things that my children and me consume frequently have lots of sugar: bread, biscuits, juices, milk, tomato sauce, crackers, etc, you name it!

Food With Added Sugar
Food with added sugar

Most of the time if you read the label you can identify the added sugar in the ingredients. Some are named in the scientific names like glucose, sucrose, lactose, fructose, maltose, whatever-tose. Some are listed as syrup (e.g. corn syrup, glucose syrup). Sometimes, the manufacturers group all the added sugar with other carbohydrate and just list them as carbohydrate. The higher content of carbohydrate, the higher sugar it has. No wonder I often read that the carbohydrate level is so high in fruit juices, and was puzzled where the carbo come from?! It is the added sugar!!

With my love in baking, we consume even more sugar! But I really, REALLY love baking. Geez, what should I do? Even with reduced sugar in my recipe, there is still plenty of added sugar in my diet. What should I do? What should I do???!!!! :p

So, are you a sweet person? Do you read the labels when you buy food/drink from the store? Do you check out the sugar content as well? How do you control your children when they want sweet stuff, or been given sweet stuff by others?

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Mar 07 2011

I Cannot Trick Isabel Any More! LOL!

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Isabel is getting smarter each day, no longer blur-blur. Here are some examples that I cannot trick her any more (hehehe, not that I always trick her lah!)…

Whenever we pour some drinks for Ian and Isabel, they always compare who gets more. It is almost impossible to make them equal every time, so sometimes I trick them by raising the cups up and put them side-by-side with the water level close to each other, to create the illusion that they are the same level. Usually they are off by a few mm, but they would fight for it.

One morning, when we were having breakfast outside, as usual I ordered a glass of Milo Ice and split into two glasses. I did the same, to show that they are the same, but this time, Isabel insisted that I should put them on the table…

There it goes. She complaint that her glass is a little less than Ian’s! Aiyoh…

Another example just happened on Friday. Well, she asked me to buy Vanilla Cream bread for breakfast. I couldn’t find, so simply bought Jagung flavor for her. She refused to eat. I told her they are about the same, then she complaint that the color is YELLOW, she expects the vanilla cream is WHITE.

So, I told her the yellow-like cream is just because the light is yellowish. Guess what? She asked to switch off the light, so that she could examine in natural light!!

At the end? I had to scrap away the yellow cream, and replace with our chocolate spread.

I can no longer trick her lah!!! Hahahaha! But I am proud too… :p

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Mar 04 2011

Lemon Meringue Pie

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Last week I’ve seen some pic and recipes of this Lemon Meringue Pie and this has made me drooled for the entire week. I haven’t eaten a meringue pie before, don’t think it is available in any cake shops here. I like things made with lemon, just imagining the lemony tastes already made me mouth watering. So finally, on Monday, I couldn’t resist any more, bought some lemons and made this wonderful pie.

Lemon Meringue Pie

It looks like a complicated pie and from many readings, it looks like very challenging to make it right. Some said their meringue kept ‘weeping’ or the filling gets ‘runny’. I carefully read all the tips, read them again and again before started to make this pie. It turned out okay! No weeping meringue, no runny fillings.

Ian loved it so so so much. It is so cute seeing him closed his eyes slowly enjoying every single bite. Not sure where he picked this from. LOL!

This pie looks so impressive, and it is very easy to make once you know how to. The only messy part if the rolling of pie crust on floured surface, the rest is just very easy. Definitely a pie that can impress your guests and for showing off! Maybe next year CNY I will bake this to serve. Wahahahahaha! (talking about a year ahead, am I mad? hmm…?)

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Mar 03 2011

I’m Happy and I’m not Happy

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LOL! What is this? :p

Well this is really 无题. So I simply created that title. Anyway, I was just thinking, I am very happy with Ian, coz he is so independent in terms of taking care of his school bag. Since around end of his second week at school, he is already able to pack his school bag himself, without making any mistakes. I can now goyang kaki, just instruct him “Go, pack you school bag!”

Well, initially he did it all with his own initiation, but lately needs reminder and now a bit of push. He would negotiate with me, to pack it later lah, this and that.

Then, my mind floated to the headaches that he has given me lately (hence the title changed from I’m Happy to the current one, LOL!).

He is so so so active and talkative in the school. One day I went to see his school teacher, wanted to understand why Ian said he is not allowed to go to the toilet (hence not drinking water). I apologized first about his active behavior and mischiefs. The teacher said, “I’m glad you are aware of your son’s behavior…” Wah…! I lost of words of don’t know how to continue at that moment. :p

Then, few weeks later, I found out, he even pulled down the school’s curtain! Aiyoh, I really don’t know what to say about his behavior. Sometimes we said, “Look at this boy, so naughty, the parents never teach meh?” Now it is like slapping those words to my own face! :o

Anyway, on a non-related thing… Last Friday my car was hit from the back. A girl, with a license less than 6 months old, avoiding a taxi and hit into my car (I was stopping at the roadside). She wanted to settle for just RM100, and I insisted RM300 because of the past experience. Finally, they (she was with her mom) managed to gather all the money and still RM5 short. What should I do? I took it and left. Today, the quotation came, RM400!!!! I guess that does me justice, for stopping at the roadside. Very samtung, but what to do, my fault as well, not entirely the girl’s fault (although that doesn’t mean she can hit me, right?).

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