Jan 09 2010

Can colorblind Ian enjoy 3D?

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I watched Avatar 3D on Tuesday. It was really, REALLY, great. Okay, the storyline is actually quite ordinary, a little reflecting our earthen war in the Middle East ==> a nation is full of rare and rich resource, another nation come to take. Those who refuse to cooperate, will be killed.

But the 3D effect was really good. I have tried other 3D movies before, and had the dizzy effect, the 3D effect wasn’t as great as this one.

With this movie (or the Dolby 3D glasses), the moment the glasses was put on, what I could think was “WOW!” The subtitles were like floating on the air. The ashes that fell down, felt like real and falling on us. The experience is something that worth the money I spent, as I know I can’t enjoy this on my laptop or on TV.

You know, I enjoy it so much I felt like taking Ian to try it out. There are 2 concerns here. It is 13PG –> I wonder what does it mean. I am Ian’s parent, with me bringing him, can he enter?

Another concern is, since he is colorblind, can he still see 3D? All 3D glasses are red on the left and green on the right. If he cannot differentiate green from orange, would that turn out that what he sees is still 2D?

I Googled and found this:

It depends on the color vision deficiency, and the degree of severity. A color vision deficient person can see recent 3D movies devised to be seen with glasses using crossed polaroid lenses, but not the old style 3D movies devised to be seen wearing anaglyph (red-green) glasses. Redgreen colorblind people do sometimes have difficulties with red-green anaglyph images since although the colors appear similar, the intensities are rather different – the red image typically looks darker than the green.

Not sure what glasses was provided by Dolby 3D is based on what kind of technology. Is it using that ‘crossed polaroid lenses’ or anaglyph. I remember the glasses I used, had the traditional red-left green-right lenses.

If I bring Ian, I will spend nearly RM40 for the 2 of us. Hmm… really wonder if it worth or not. What would you do if you were me? (not to argue whether this movie content is suitable for him to watch or not, pls)


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