Sep 12 2009

Check out my new baby – Friends of Kapar Blog

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I have been helping my ex-boss on this new blog for the Kapar cause. I am not good at blog design. I don’t even know WordPress good enough to help her! It took me a lot of time to learn certain things, and with trial-n-error, finally managed to get things out yesterday.

So, introducing Friends of Kapar new blog here!

friends of kapar screenshot

Bryan from IXIY has agreed to host Friends of Kapar for free, as his contribution to this charity project. Really thanks a lot to him, as we have very limited fund, which we would like to reserve for food purchases to feed the poor in Kapar.

Friends of Kapar consists of a group of volunteers who are passionate about helping the unfortunate by reaching out to them at their HOMES, and operates under the umbrella of Reach.Org. Through our media contact and a local NGO (known as G2), we visited residents in Kapar living in abject poverty, assessed their living conditions and needs, and short-listed about 20 families who are in most dire need of aid. The list has grown since June ’09, with additions of 2-3 families every month.

Together with G2 representatives, we bring basic grocery items to the families once a month. We also help with diapers, milk powder and supplements for the infants, young children and the elderly folks. All our suppliers come from donation in cash and kind from generous donors. Besides food, the poor families also need medical attention, which we try to arrange with other NGOs.

Another major problem in this community is illiteracy – some of the children have not been to school. Some of this is because the children do not have birth certificate. G2 has actively worked towards rectifying this, and Friends of Kapar extended a helping hand in providing school uniforms and supplies.

Do check out the blog and see how you can participate. Please also help spread the words ya?!


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2 responses on Check out my new baby – Friends of Kapar Blog

2 Responses to “Check out my new baby – Friends of Kapar Blog”

  1. ericon 14 Sep 2009 at 12:20 am

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  2. Pei Weion 14 Sep 2009 at 4:12 pm

    great job Suzette!!

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