Jun 03 2009

Mysterious Lost of Air France flight AF 447

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Yesterday DH sent me a link to the news about the lost of Air France flight AF447. Mystery surrounds Air France Flight, and experts have no clue on what has happened to the flight.

Geez, this is just like the movie Lost. Or worse than that, coz there was no distress call received. The flight has been just ‘no show’, when it was supposed to land.

The experts suspected of lightning strike because the suspected ‘missing zone’ is a zone that is prone to have lighting and have bad weather condition.


This is a link to a news site that shows some video clips with some explanations. Until now, it is still speculation.

According to that, all planes are tested with lightning insulation, but there is still a tiny chance for the lightning to get in, through the radar system. And in that zone, if the pilots don’t switch on the radar, it is very dangerous too as they won’t know where they are heading!

Eee…. this sounds scary. Really scary. Especially when flying across big oceans on long haul. I remember when during those days when I still travel heavily, there were a few trips that we had to drive through rain storms.

There are many search efforts trying to locate the plane. Whether or not to find any survivors, they need to find the black box to understand the cause of this. I guess if they cannot find the plane or the black box, it would be hard to convince everyone that it is safe to fly that route again?


Could they have landed on an island like the movie Lost? I wonder how their family feels, must be very awful. Pray to their family members…

Update: Debris were found. I guess they are not as ‘lucky’ as the series Lost.


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One response on Mysterious Lost of Air France flight AF 447

One Response to “Mysterious Lost of Air France flight AF 447”

  1. Jasonon 03 Jun 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Flight is still the safest transportation mode.

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