Jan 23 2009

Improvement in Laps

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Since moving to the new place, I have been trying to workout more. Here is the progress… (really laughable!)

My first swimming attempt was a disaster. I swam ONE LAP only. And my hands were so tired. Both arms were so ‘sour’ that I couldn’t even lift them, not to say swim for another lap. I gave up.

Then few days later, tried cycling for the 1st time. ONE ROUND, and I was so tired. My face was so red like tomato (according to my maid when I returned). It was a quick one, partly because I sneaked out when Isabel was napping. :p

The next round cycling, I went with Aiyu and Charsiu. Improved slightly, but it was very leisurely. The moment I tried the hill, I was screaming – no strenght, even with gear 1-1!!! LOL!

Charsiu said my lousy swimming attempt must be caused by no warming up. So, the next session, I tried to warm up. I think I did 4 or 5 laps, then got tired (and bored).

Cycling again, 2 rounds then retired.

Then swimming – Yay! I got 10 laps this time. But it is really boring. I wasn’t tired at the end of 10 laps, but it is so boring that I left. :(

Hmm… actually I started to feel bored about cycling also. The last session was 5 rounds. Charsiu said it is equivalent to 20km. I stopped because of rain, but also because it is so boring liao.

What to do har? If I start to feel bored about these things and not motivated to continue? All excitement gone already ler…


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2 Responses to “Improvement in Laps”

  1. charsiuon 23 Jan 2009 at 11:48 pm

    Suzette, you may get yourself a heart rate monitor like I did. With it I won’t get bored when cycling. I would keep ‘chasing’ for a target heart rate, this really motivates me. Because you know you only get a true workout when you cycle above certain heart rate.

    If I go out cycling without the HRM, normally I would just go for about 20km. With it, I would go for 30km and don’t feel like stopping… probably because of the endorphin :)

  2. suzetteon 23 Jan 2009 at 11:55 pm

    charsiu: how much is that monitor cost? easy to switch between bikes or not? if easy, then maybe DH will buy, to share! If not, he will surely donwan. You help me persuade him lah! Hahahaha! :p

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