Apr 17 2008

Differences of my 2 kids

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Silvery asked me in one of my post, whether it is true girls are different from boys, that they generally love crying.

Actually there are a lot of differences between my 2 kids, but I wouldn’t attribute it to gender difference, coz I only have 1 boy and 1 girl, can’t generalize this! :)

Here are some differences in them…

Learning Ability/Strengths
Generally from my observation, they develop differently. Ian is very strong in speech and focused learning. For example, before he was two years old, he was able to recite from A to Z, and can read from 1 to 100. He plays jigsaw puzzles before 1 year old (which surprised a lot of friends). He sang lots of songs too, before 1 year old.

However, he is not very well developed in terms of motor skills. Until now, he still can’t hold a pencil properly. He is not very good in physical activities, etc. He learnt how to wear his shoes at a much later stage, I think after he was 3 or 3.5 years old.

Isabel, on the other hand, is very strong in motor skill. That might be contributed by her active nature, and never-afraid nature! She never scared or learnt from past failure – no matter how many times she fell down, she still wants to climb the same chair or walk the same path! She already knew how to wear her shoes without any help, and she loves doing it even without any rewards! And a couple of months ago, she was able to wear her pants without help (though sometimes she can be quite funny, trying to insert 2 legs into 1 hole!).

Whilst she is good in motor skill, her other things are weaker. She doesn’t know how to count 1 to 10 CORRECTLY yet. She cann’t recite A to Z at all, not even interested to learn even the first few! She is trying to play jigsaw puzzles but doesn’t want to learn the right way. Doesn’t seem to understand us most of the time, although seems to (always answers “yes/okay”).

Ian has a soft heart. You just need to tackle that soft spot and he will give in. Usually he can’t bear it if he sees you suffer or being sad.

Isabel doesn’t care even if you bleed or cry or going to die! I think not that she doesn’t care, she just can’t be bothered or notice, especially when she is playing or crying.

Both like to cry a lot, but Isabel cries with real tears even with just 1 sound in 1 split second! Ian can sometimes fake it, so you’d see big mouth without tears. Hmm… looks like Isabel is really made of water! LOL! But she can stop almost instantaneously. Whenever she stops, she’d ask me to ‘wipe her tears’.

Isabel is more independent. Though she likes to cling on to me, she is not afraid of most things and is able to serve herself. Ian is very dependent, always refused to do things on his own – relying too much on the adults and never want to try even after encouraged. He definitely needs some rewards for doing things, otherwise won’t even try! I’m now training him to put on his own seat belt, and he refused to comply until I told him I would give him stickers if he can do by himself. Not sure if this is right or wrong, but he complies after that.

Isabel generally has a better manner than Ian. She’d follow my instruction to greet people, and sometimes she even did that by herself. She greets every one when she arrives and also before she leaves the house. She’d automatically go to hug and kiss every one, the moment I declare time to go home. Ian? Has to be forced, even at this age!

Isabel automatically adds ‘please’ in her requests, most of the time. Ian always forgets.

They both eat about the same amount of food, but Isabel generally has a better appetite, and always want to eat. I’m worried she might be a little fatty if she keeps on eating. LOL

However, when it comes to milk, Isabel drinks like a cat. At the age of 2, she still drink 4 to 5 oz of milk. Ian already drank 9oz when he was 6 months old!

As for fruits and veggie, Isabel loves them extremely well, and Ian doesn’t really like any. In fact, he always try to avoid. :(

Physical Growth
Aha! For this, I’m sure gender plays a part. Ian grows a lot faster than Isabel, and a lot taller/heavier, just like his grandfather!

Toilet Training
For this, Isabel surely wins. From last week, she doesn’t even need diaper when she sleeps at night! She might ask to go to the toilet again after we put her on bed, but after that she is all dry untill the next morning!

Ian was only successfully toilet trained (day time) after he was 2.5 years old. As for night time, it was only a few months ago we successfully trained him, but still occassionally with accidents. Accident rate is as high as once a week! And he is 4 now! * sigh *

Alright, I’m going to stop here, since it is getting really too long and I’m tired already! LOL!


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4 responses on Differences of my 2 kids

4 Responses to “Differences of my 2 kids”

  1. Mama BoKon 18 Apr 2008 at 7:48 am

    Chloe is still in diapers at nite. She doesn’t always pee in her diapers.. but she does pee .. and have accidents but only at nite.
    Plus we are quite the slacker parents.. and never really forced her to do her ABCs.. or 123s .. or write her name.. or recognized alphabets.. or read.
    We just go with what she wants to do for the day.. *hang my head down in shame”

  2. aiyuon 18 Apr 2008 at 10:43 am

    It’s interesting to see the differences of both siblings…I think it proves that a lot of their attributes are ‘born with’…

  3. jazzminton 18 Apr 2008 at 2:53 pm

    that’s a very good record of tracking :)…

  4. suzetteon 23 Apr 2008 at 6:30 pm

    MamaBok: I wrote too early. Isabel only showed that for 4 days before I left for my vacation. After I returned, I was told she peed in the bed, so DH has put her back on diaper liao! Have to re-train her!
    Ian doesn’t need forcing when it comes to ABC/123. I think different interest from different kids. LOL! Don’t hang down your head on this, coz Isabel is the same! We don’t particularly teach them on this anyway – I don’t like to pressure my kids on learning. They have their pace… :)

    aiyu: Yup, their interest, their focus, etc are really ‘born with’! :)

    jazzmint: Thanks! :)

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