Mar 26 2008

This blog is no longer ‘dofollow’

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In early Nov last year, I joined the “dofollow” community, and wrote about the benefit of visiting “dofollow” blogs.

Then, in Dec, I attempted to salvage my lost Google PR, and discovered that “dofollow” is not acceptable, so I’ve removed the plugin. With that, I left messages in the “dofollow” community, requested to remove my site.

Somewhat, recently I found out there are still incoming visits following some “dofollow” blogrolls that I didn’t enroll.

Sorry to disappoint you, if you come here leaving comments hoping to get link-juice from me…

This site is now back to standard WordPress powered site, i.e. comment links are not followed by default. To those who are not sure what is ‘dofollow’ and ‘nofollow’, let me explain…

Let’s say Google is indexing this blog now, when it discovers an external link, it ‘follows’ the link and gives one score to that site (1 external link). And since that link is ‘referred’ by this blog, my page rank (PR3) will spill a weight to that site. The higher a referral’s page rank, the heavier weight the site gets. So, normally sitemasters like to get their sites linked/referred by high PR sites, so they get more weights in Google’s search results (i.e. positioned higher).

A site can tell Googlebot to follow or not to follow a link. By default, comments in all WordPress blogs are “nofollow”, i.e. Googlebot would obmit all links in comments. So, no matter how many comments you leave in WP blogs, you don’t get any ‘link-juice’.

In my effort to join “dofollow” community last year, I installed a plugin that removes the “nofollow” command in my comment area. With that, Googlebot would follow all the links and spilling my PR weights to all who left comments here.

Now, I have removed the plugin, and my blog is back to the normal default WP setting like all other WP blogs, i.e. nofollow in comments. However, in the post content, most of the links are still “dofollow”, except sponsored links.

Although this site do not follow your comment links, it is still important to note the benefit of leaving comments. You are leaving footprints of your site everywhere, and higher chance to attract incoming traffic. :)

I still love your comments, though I can’t provide link juice to your sites… :)


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5 responses on This blog is no longer ‘dofollow’

5 Responses to “This blog is no longer ‘dofollow’”

  1. Mama BoKon 27 Mar 2008 at 12:09 am

    Wow..!! no link juice.. !! no comments anymore.. :P

  2. suzetteon 27 Mar 2008 at 9:40 am

    MamaBok: Sorry… I actually struggled hard, but thought should let this be a standard blog then. Stopped toying around with the plugin loh. Sorry…

  3. Sat Navon 11 Apr 2008 at 2:58 pm

    Wow I didnt think it would matter that much so you actually loose PR. What i wonder is if nofollowed links still casuse your keywords to go higher in the SERPS?

  4. Webstractionson 15 Apr 2008 at 9:48 pm

    Suzette – I am sorry that you feel this way.

    I am curious about one thing however. How did you determine that it was the links in comments that was zapping your PR?

    Looking at the links on this page alone, 60 of them are internal to your site and 40 of them are to external sites. Of those 40 external links, only 3 are for your commentors. It doesn’t seem logical that a few comments would hurt your PR at all — there must be some other weighing factor going on.

    It seems kind of funny that you would single out comment author links as the sole culprit, while still using MyBlogLog avatars which are DoFollow back to a page at MyBlogLog. Not to mention all of the links on your side panels to useless Blog and Stat Counter sites (most of these are pointless, unrelated and a waste of valuable space).

    The ‘true’ power of blogs is not in a percieved PR, but in their interlinking, especially when it comes to Trackbacks. You reference an article on another blog, and a link appears there. They reference one of yours, and they get a link here. You comment on theirs, they comment on yours.

    NoFollow has demolished the interlinking of blogs in one fell stroke. No longer are they interlinked with each other, supporting each other. They are now divided and falling.

    Just my two-cents.

  5. suzetteon 23 Apr 2008 at 6:11 pm

    Sat Nav/Webstractions: Actually I’m not sure whether dofollow would cause PR lost or not, but I just know Google penalized us because of the wrong passing on link-juice to paid links.

    As I am not sure how it works, I am just being chickened here, doing the most drastic things trying to save my PR.

    I agree the interlinking part in your comment, but that is not about dofollow or nofollow, what I agree is about the ‘socializing’ part. Commenting on sites should not be affected by whether leaving a comment would bring you link-juice or not.

    More often dofollow sites receive a lot of junk comments, almost like spams, which I did experience during the period this site was dofollow.

    Nofollow is the standard way in WP, so I’m just going back to the default setting, don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. Anyway, there is really no absolute right or wrong in this, just personal preference.

    Thanks a lot for your comment. This is a very constructive comment, unlike many spammies. :)


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