Feb 10 2008

What is your children’s temperament profile?

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I followed some sites on parenting and education for young children, and finally landed on a site that has an online temperament profile for parents.

Out of curiosity, I’ve tried this on Ian. It is hard to complete the survey with 100% correct answers, as the questions are for older kids that has homework. Some of the questions ask whether the child return back to their homework after interruption, some ask whether they complete their homework, etc. I filled it for my kids with my best estimation. Guess I will have to repeat this when they are older.

Ian’s result was bit shocking, I have to admit, at least at the spontaneous level. But after thinking of everyone’s comments on Ian lately, it started to make sense. He is a nice boy, a loving person with loving heart, but he is very moody and reacts very strongly with negativities. MIL has been having difficulties to discipline him, and I thought it was because MIL is too nice and spoiling him (ahem! it is true in some sense…).

Okay, here is Ian’s temperament profile:

The red Xs indicate your child’s score on each of the temperament dimensions.

Ian Temperament Profile 1Ian Temperament Profile 2Ian Temperament Profile 3Ian Temperament Profile 4

The site has explained that:

Parents often report that children whose salient temperament dimensions are the boxes with circles exhibit more challenging behaviors than whose scores fall in the boxes with triangles. Conversely, children whose salient temperament dimensions are in the boxes with triangles are usually regarded as easy by their parents.

So, Ian’s profile falls under “Challenging” for all the 4 dimensions!

Here is an extract I took from Child Development (recommended site in my sidebar), that explains each results a step further (I only extracted those that fit Ian’s).

Once a parent recognizes a child’s temperament, child management strategies can be used that match the various dimensions of the child’s temperament. The following are samples of temperament-based parenting strategies. Children who are:

  • high in negative reactivity cannot be remade into a sunny person. Learn, however, to appreciate his/her honesty.
  • low in task persistence are helped when complicated responsibilities are divided into smaller, more manageable components. Also, develop an appreciation for the child’s creativity and divergent thinking.
  • high in activity require adequate opportunities to expend their energy in a positive way. Such needs, however, should not be allowed to dominate a family’s schedule to the detriment of other family members.
  • high in approach need careful and constant monitoring. Such children, however, are likely to delight in opportunities to make new friends.
  • Whatever it is, though Ian is very moody and reacts strongly to criticism and teasings, I really don’t agree with the first statement that says he ‘cannot be remade into a sunny person‘. On the other hand, I thought he is quite cheerful/sunny. He reacts strongly, but he forgets about them fairly quickly and move on easily!

    As for him being ‘low in task persistence‘, I believe it is a result of my guessing of his reaction with homework/house-chores. Maybe re-doing this when he is older will yield a different result.

    High in activity‘ seems right for Ian. He is full with energy most of the time, even when he is sick! So, that makes him ‘challenging‘. LOL! True, true…

    I have some reservations on ‘high in approach’ though. I thought he doesn’t enjoy making new friends – one of our worries for him. I always think Isabel scores higher in this. Maybe I reversed one of the scores in the survey? LOL!

    At this point, I’ve decided not to do the survey for Isabel yet. LOL! How to judge her attitude towards homeworks, when she is still below 2 yo? :P


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    3 responses on What is your children’s temperament profile?

    3 Responses to “What is your children’s temperament profile?”

    1. msaufongon 10 Feb 2008 at 5:48 pm

      Is the result accurate or not? I done it for SQ..it exactly the same result as Ian! ohh my..

    2. suzetteon 10 Feb 2008 at 5:57 pm

      msau: I have to say it is partly accurate only. The inaccuracy is mainly (I believe) contributed by the fact that I did the survey too early. I think it is meant for children who go to school already, with homeworks. I can’t complete some of the questions, so I just simply give my answers based on what I think Ian would be. LOL! Maybe the temperament profile is MINE instead of Ian’s. Hahaha!

    3. jazzminton 10 Feb 2008 at 8:18 pm

      hmm interesting quiz for the kid

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