Aug 07 2007

I’m Back

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Sorry for the long silence. I have been too busy in the last two weeks that I couldn’t log in to update at all. Following that, there was some issues with my domain that I couldn’t get in too (forgot to renew!!!)!

Two weeks ago, I planned to bring Ian to the Redang Island on Friday (27th Jul). That Monday, Ian complaint of sore throat and I was ‘Oh uh! Please don’t be sick!’ As expected, his fever came on Wed, didn’t go off until Friday morning. We still went to the resort, but his fever kept revisiting every 6 to 8 hourly. So, we didn’t really enjoy, but at least we fulfilled our promise to him.

Last week, after returning from my holiday, was stressed and busy with work. Was preparing myself for a workshop that I will be conducting in a few countries. I’ve only received the material on Monday. On Wed, I fell sick. Only got better on Friday. And today I’m in another country.

That explains why I hadn’t got the chance to update this blog. :)


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