Feb 10 2006


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I can’t focus now. My mind is everywhere.

I didn’t really work yesterday and today though I was in my office. I was thinking a lot about myself. About my job, my house, money, etc.

I spent the whole day yesterday updating my financial info. Been having a good habit since year 2002, to keep track on every transaction made (expenses and income), even down to every cent.

But, last year, 2005, was a bad year for me. Since I was being dumped into this stupid big and disastrous regional project, I was too busy to keep track of my life.

Well, yes, I know, I started blogging in 2005. Some may say that I could have spent my blogging effort to keep track of my life. But then, I could still blog when I was away from home, when I was traveling in a plane, etc. I couldn’t do my other stuff when I am traveling, could I?

I have a long list of personal stuff that I need to do. One of the most pressing one is filing. Have been dumping all my statements and important letters in a box for nearly 2 years (ever since Ian was born), and have no time to sort them out.

I look at myself, and feel that I am so messy now. All the well-organized things are all left redundant. I used to even record my petrol expenses and analyzed it against the mileage (to see which brand of fuel is most economical). But now??

I must re-plan myself now. Must re-think of the whole thing all over again – my work, my life, my family, my financial, etc. I guess I need some time for just MYSELF. Have been given all my time to this stupid job and Ian. Can’t imagine it when the 2nd one popped out. Must really start this re-planning now.


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4 Responses to “Focus”

  1. Jasonon 10 Feb 2006 at 1:20 pm

    My dad is the one who does all these filing and important document issues. :D

  2. eggheadon 10 Feb 2006 at 2:15 pm

    deep breath… in… out… in… out…

  3. Mama BoKon 10 Feb 2006 at 4:31 pm

    I think we all fall prey into the same system.. after we have our kids. Moreso, if we are working too.. it’s just too hard.. to keep up..! i have the exact same problem too.. ! so donch fret.. you ain’t the only one.. ;)

  4. suzetteon 13 Feb 2006 at 10:00 am

    mamaBok: thanks for your kind words. But I think I must find some time to really sort myself out. Otherwise, when the 2nd one comes, it will be even worse! Right?

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